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CEO and COO of AWeber – Email Marketing Showcase Their Customer Service Skills for National Customer Service Week

Share Five Tips for Top-Notch Customer Service

Chalfont, Pa. October 5, 2015 – In honor of National Customer Service Week, AWeber–the leading email marketing provider ranked a leader for customer satisfaction–shows behind the scenes video footage of its CEO and COO inside the company’s Customer Solutions department. Tom Kulzer and Sean Cohen go one-on-one with customers to help them grow their businesses with email marketing and give their top tips for being a leader in customer service.

Inside the video clips, CEO Tom Kulzer and COO Sean Cohen are seen taking incoming customer calls, assisting them with their AWeber accounts, and offering up their email marketing expertise. The videos reflect two of AWeber’s core values instilled throughout the company’s culture–create remarkable experiences and invite feedback–plus reveals Kulzer’s and Cohen’s advice for companies to provide top-notch customer service:

  • Hire people who care – Build a team of experts who will actually take the time to understand customers’ needs and will exude passion for seeing them happy and successful with your product or service.
  • Implement company-wide customer service training – Every team member and employee should go through extensive customer service training. Creating remarkable customer experiences is something the entire company should strive for no matter what department they’re in.
  • Invite customer feedback – Regularly solicit feedback from customers to find out what they like and don’t like.
  • Listen up! – Listen to the feedback customers give, identify consistent themes, and develop new products and features based off those themes. At the end of the day it comes down to solving problems for people and being able to do it quickly and efficiently.
  • Create remarkable experiences – Go above and beyond by providing knowledge that customers may not have thought to ask for. Volunteer additional information that’ll help connect the dots for them.

“I could list a host of brands that are known for awful customer service which shows how immensely important this aspect is for an organization,” says Tom Kulzer. “That’s why AWeber prides itself on high quality customer service and continues to be the leader for it within the email marketing industry.”

“The nice part is that I started at AWeber in Customer Solutions,” says Cohen. “Here it is fourteen years later and, for me, taking phone calls is always a great experience. We love talking to our customers, learning about their businesses and being able to help them grow in any way we can. It’s just what we do here at AWeber.”

Kulzer and Cohen will continue taking customer calls as part of National Customer Service Week October 5-9. Visit the AWeber blog and follow along on Twitter and Facebook to see more of AWeber’s National Customer Service Week activities.

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