#EmailChat Recap: Email Automation

By Olivia Dello Buono

In yesterday’s #emailchat, we asked the AWeber community to share how automation has helped them grow their business and still make time for the things they love. Read on for their tips for automation their email campaigns and why you should consider it for your own marketing strategy.

The Lean Startup Guide to Email Marketing

By Brandon Olson

If you’re a lean startup, you understand all too well the need to see results with your email marketing quickly. Here are four steps to help you learn from your audience and make quick improvements to your email marketing.

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#EmailChat Recap: Email Testing 101

By Olivia Dello Buono

Email testing doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s 7 tips from the AWeber community on running a successful split test, evaluating your results and ideas for tests you can try today.

Time-Saving Email Marketing Tips to Take Back Your Day

By Kristen Dunleavy

Strapped for time? Feeling frazzled? Email marketing helps you make meaningful connections with your audience using very little time. Try these time-saving email marketing tips the next time you find yourself wondering, “Where the heck did my day go?!”