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AWeber Announces Integrations with EZ Texting, vzaar, Selz and MEG

Chalfont, Pa. September 4, 2014 – Today, AWeber announced the release of four new integrations. EZ Texting, vzaar and Selz, let AWeber customers enhance their text message, video and e-commerce marketing with built-in email signup capabilities while MEG provides customizable icons that prompt new email signups.

  • EZ Texting integrated with AWeber enables customers to sync subscribers from their AWeber account to their EZ Texting account then distribute marketing messages via text, voice and other multimedia messages.
  • vzaar‘s video hosting platform is integrated with AWeber so customers can have an email signup form appear at the beginning, end or during an online video. The integration also allows customers to connect videos to specific subscriber lists within their AWeber accounts.
  • Selz is an e-commerce platform that not only makes it simple to sell products online, it helps AWeber customers quickly build their email subscriber list by capturing email addresses at point of sale. When a user makes a purchase, they’re immediately added to the email subscriber list designated by the AWeber customer.
  • MEG helps customers draw attention to their email signup forms with an eye-catching icon that appears in the lower left of users’ mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop. Customers can customize the icon to match or complement their company’s other brand assets.

“Our latest round-up of integrations demonstrate AWeber’s ongoing commitment to the success of our customers’ total marketing efforts,” said AWeber’s Senior Business Development Manager Hunter Boyle. “From the United Kingdom to Philly, we’re pleased to partner with service providers from around the world that are in the business of helping customers do better marketing.”

Visit the AWeber blog for more information on what these integrations can do, helpful how-to videos and exclusive discounts for AWeber customers.

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