How to Create an Email Newsletter on Your Phone in 30 Seconds

Now, you can stay in contact with your subscribers anywhere, anytime with the click of a button.

A few weeks ago, AWeber’s Director of Product Chris Vasquez came back from speaking about the power of email at a digital marketing conference.

And he was excited, to say the least.

After his speech, Chris had a line of marketing experts waiting to talk to him. But they didn’t want to talk to him about his presentation — they wanted to talk to him about a 30-second demo he had given on his phone.

The demo was of Curate, AWeber’s mobile app. Chris revealed how Curate allows you to create and send an email newsletter on your phone with just a few taps of your screen. That means you can stay in contact with your subscribers anywhere, anytime. It makes email marketing unbelievably easy.

Want to see Chris’s Curate demo for yourself? Check out the video below.

Now that you’ve seen Curate in action, try it for yourself!
Download the app for Android or iOS (it’s FREE!) and start creating awesome newsletters on-the-go today.