The #1 Tip for Writing Mobile-Friendly Emails

Your smartphone lets you stay in touch with friends, access nearly any information on the internet (why are hamburgers called hamburgers when they’re made of beef, not pork?), get directions, play games, maintain your calendar . . .

And check email.

Depending on your audience, as much as 77% of your subscribers may open your emails on their mobile devices — which means they’re staring at your content on a screen slightly larger than a credit card.

That’s why you should always break up your email copy into shorter, easier-to-read chunks.

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Long blocks of text are difficult to read on a smartphone. They force the reader to scroll and scroll and scroll, which is a horrible user experience for your subscribers. Plus, long paragraphs make it easier for your subscribers to lose their place since mobile readers are often distracted readers.

So how short should your paragraphs be? My recommendation: 2 to 3 sentences max.

Breaking up paragraphs will feel unnatural at first, but your subscribers will thank you. It’ll make it easier for your audience to scan your emails and it’ll drive them forward from one sentence to the next.

The result: They’ll be more likely to read your content and click on your call to action. And that’s good for business.

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How to make your email copy more mobile-friendly

Below are 5 more simple ways to make your emails more consumable on a phone — and you can do them all inside AWeber’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder:

  • Separate sections with headlines
  • Add bullet points when listing multiple items or tips
  • Include a button instead of hyperlinked text for your call to action (CTA)
  • Use any of the hundreds of mobile-optimized templates inside AWeber
  • Be concise (skip the run-on sentences, wordiness, jargon, buzzwords, and overly-difficult terms)

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