A Beginner’s Guide To Content Audits [Infographic]

Find out how a content audit can help identify weaknesses on your site, as well as trends in what content your audience values.

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We often talk about doing spring cleaning of our physical spaces. But it’s just as important to apply these same practices to your online world.

During our April #AWeberHour Twitter chat, we spoke with five amazing content experts, who shared some valuable advice on how bloggers and marketers can improve their online content by regularly performing content audits.

When you hear the word “audit,” that tends to translate to loads and loads of time and effort. And time, for many businesses, is a rare commodity.

But it doesn’t have to be a “mind-numbing odyssey.” Here are some basic steps to take to help you clean up and optimize your online content.

What Is A Content Audit?

First off, it’s important to define what a content audit is. Put simply, it’s a quantitative inventory of your content combined with a qualitative assessment of how your content is performing.

It’s more than just creating a list of all the pages, blog posts, photos, documents and videos you have on your website. Yes, making a list is part of the process. But, more importantly, it’s assessing how your content is performing, which helps you know what to keep doing, what to improve, and what to scrap.

Why You Should Care

Imagine if a broken link or missing metadata is keeping Google from indexing your site. Translation: no one will find your website if they’re searching on Google. If it’s not on Google, it doesn’t exist. That could spell ruin for any business.

Or what if you’re spending most of your time talking about Topic A, when your audience would prefer Topic B. Translation: your audience will grow disinterested and go elsewhere.

How do you know your content is effective if you’re not reviewing it on a regular basis?

By doing a regular audit of your content, you’re able to not only identify things that are broken on your site, but you’re also able to identify trends in what your audience values, giving you more direction with your strategy and business.

How To Perform A Content Audit

An audit does not have to be a daunting, time-consuming, labor-intensive exercise. Yes, there are a lot of elements to it, but they can easily be broken down into manageable chunks.

Check out our Twitter chat recap to learn from our five guest experts how to perform an audit, as well as tools to help make it easier.

5 Content Blind Spots And How To Avoid Them

As you’re going through your audit, there are some common areas that get missed. We’ve put together a list of them below.

5 Content Blind Spots

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