Email Web Analytics: Understand Your Subscribers

AWeber introduces email web analytics tools to hep you better understand your customers’ and prospects’ behavior.

Two of the biggest challenges you face when running an email marketing campaign are:

  • Understanding your subscribers’ needs and wants.
  • Tailoring your messaging to address those needs and wants

Email marketing is about relevance.

The only way you get more relevant with your messaging is to be able to know what your subscribers are clicking on and then be able to laser focus additional messages to that subset of your list.

Introducing Email Web Analytics Tools

Today, we’re rolling out brand new tracking and targeting features that enable you to better understand and address your subscribers&’ needs and wants.

We’ve been teasing you for weeks about them, and today, they’re ready for you.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do in both plain text and HTML emails:

  • See exactly when subscribers click on links in your message so you can focus on the right time to send your message.
  • Send a broadcast to only subscribers who didn’t open or click on your previous broadcast.
  • Send a broadcast to only subscribers who did click on your order page, but didn’t order.
  • See which subscribers are responding to your campaigns — which messages they’re opening, which links they’re visiting, and where on your website they’re going after clicking through.
  • Target subscribers by sending broadcasts to only those who responded (or didn’t respond) by clicking or opening a specific message or link.
  • Track revenue generated by campaigns and subscribers to see which subscribers and campaigns are making you money, helping you create future campaigns that are more relevant and valuable

Click Tracking With Your Domain

Keep your brand in front of subscribers and don’t distract them with a generic AWeber click tracking link.

  • Instead of tracking links going through they’ll go through your own domain!

All you’ll need to do is add a line of JavaScript to your website, enter your website on the Settings page, and the new Email Web Analytics tools will do the rest.

New Reports: Track Campaign Activity Over Time

Unsure when to send your campaigns? Wonder not only if subscribers are opening and clicking on your emails, but when they’re doing so?

With the Opens Over Time and Clicks Over Time reports, you’ll be able to drill down into your subscriber activity and see when they’re responding to your email campaigns.

This data is helpful in many ways. Not only can you use it to decide when to send your email newsletters, but if you’re planning website maintenance, or are launching a new product, you can schedule those events and any announcements about them accordingly.

These reports are available not only at a list-specific level, but at an account-wide level that lets you see aggregate data for all of your email campaigns.

Plus, as you can see in the image at right (click to enlarge it), you can not only see total opens and clicks, but also unique opens and clicks. Which brings us to the next set of relevancy and revenue-boosting tools…

Track and Target Subscribers Based On Activity

Knowing that 25% of your subscribers clicked through to your order page may be helpful…

…but wouldn’t it be a lot better if you could see who did and didn’t click, and talk to each group directly?

With the new analytics tools, you can:

  • See which subscribers are making those opens and clicks
  • Segment and broadcast to them!

There are really too many possible uses for this to list here, but you can see one example in yesterday’s teaser post.

Start to build a profile of your best subscribers by looking at:

  • Which messages they’re opening
  • Which links they’re clicking
  • Which pages of your site they’re visiting
  • How much money they’re spending

and much more. With the data you’ll collect, you’ll be able to segment and target your subscribers in a multitude of ways — and we’ll be adding even more segmentation and targeting as we go!

Find Out Just How Much Money Your Campaigns Are Making You

Ever wondered just how much of your business’ sales and growth you can attribute to your email campaigns?

Or maybe how much tests and changes in your campaigns can raise your sales?

One of the most powerful features of the Email Web Analytics tools is the ability to track your revenue — not only from direct product sales, but also from other revenue-generating activities.

For example, click the screenshot at right to see just a few of the sales we’ve tracked back to subscribers to our Test Drive.

Email Tracking + Website Analytics = Better Insight Into Your Subscribers

Most email tracking stops at the click.

However, with AWeber, you’ll be able to gain more insight into the your subscribers’ behavior by relating what they do with your emails to what they do on your website.

With the addition of the analytics JavaScript to your website, you’ll be able to:

  • See where subscribers are going after the click
  • See where on your site they’re going later — even if they’re not using a link in your emails to get there!
  • Track when they make a purchase, what they purchase, and how much revenue that purchase is worth

It’s not just about what they do with your email, it’s about how they interact with your business afterwards.

Email marketing isn’t just for the “big boys.”

If anything, we feel that small and medium-sized businesses are much better at building and nurturing relationships that are the core of successful permission-based email marketing campaigns.

That said, the type of analytics tools that you can now use to build your business at AWeber were previously only available to those “big boys.”

Until now, you simply couldn’t get your hands on tools like these for less than thousands of dollars per month (plus setup fees and all the other rigmarole that goes with enterprise software).

So while you’ll see that our pricing has changed with these analytics tools, we feel (and think you’ll agree) that the value of increased understanding and focus on your subscribers’ activity far exceeds these small changes.

(Oh, one other thing – for most customers you can take advantage of all these new benefits for about $1/mo less than your current AWeber investment.)

“How Do I Start Using The New Email Web Analytics Tools?”

All new AWeber accounts will automatically have access to the new features.

Existing AWeber users: you’ll have the option to upgrade starting later this week by accepting the new pricing plans. If you don’t want to upgrade, your current pricing will stay the same.

Thanks, and we hope you’re as excited about better understanding and targeting your subscribers as we are!

Oh, By The Way, We Redesigned The Website

Just in case you didn’t notice ;)

Current AWeber users: you’ll also see that when you visit the homepage, instead of seeing a sales page, you’ll get a much more relevant customer portal, with a login form and easy access to all of our educational materials and Customer Solutions Team.

Take a look around the new site, and let us know what you think!


  1. Aron

    7/5/2008 1:33 am

    Cool Features. Can’t wait till my list grows to a size that I can use these tracking tools to effectively boost my conversion rate!

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  5. Michaela

    12/29/2008 5:21 am

    can plain text e-mails be tracked? how do you do that?

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  7. Jeff

    7/2/2010 10:34 am

    Nice features, thanks for the analytics overview, i think the biggest thing is tracking blank email.

  8. Aref Moslih Aldanpy

    11/25/2010 6:27 pm

    Very cool. ? – will this also work for affiliates to see what happens on the merchant site where the order is placed?

  9. Matt

    3/1/2012 7:07 pm

    I do my own SEO, but have never gotten into email marketing. I hate spam emails so I assume any potential customers will too…

  10. Lana

    5/2/2012 4:33 am

    I agree with Matt, I do hate spam and hate when I’m considered as spam so I’m not really into email marketing at this rate. Potential customers will most likely appreciate personal approach and unobtrusiveness.

  11. peter kenneth

    12/21/2012 11:26 pm

    thank you for the amazing post :D………

  12. Mark

    9/20/2013 3:59 pm

    The talk about spam – it is not spam because the (potential) customer has signed up to get what you are offering – and you are offering things of value to your email list.

  13. andri priana

    4/6/2014 6:12 am

    I agree with all up there, I do hate spam and hate when I?m considered as spam so I?m not really into email marketing at this rate. Potential customers will most likely appreciate personal approach and unobtrusiveness… trim’s your info