Spam Complaints: How Many Is Too Many?

By Marc Kline

Last week, we might have had too much turkey or sweet potatoes, or in the ensuing weeks we might go over our holiday spending budgets. When we hit the scales or balance our checkbooks, we know whether or not we went overboard. Still, in other cases, we need some guidance on the matter. For instance, if we receive too many spam complaints from subscribers, the deliverability of our messages can really suffer. But how do we know when we’ve received too many of these?

Short on Ideas For Your Email or Blog?

By Marc Kline

You’ve stuck to a regular schedule for posting to your blog or writing email messages. People have come to depend on your wise words of worthwhile advice and information. You don’t want to let them down and risk the growth of your readership and business! Despite this pressure, or sometimes because of it, we’re all liable at one time or another to sit down at our desk desks, open a new message or post, crack our fingers, rest them on the keys, then … nothing. We draw a blank. How frustrating! But fortunately, we do have options.

Email Testing For Quality Assurance and More

By Marc Kline

If we didn’t test our messages before sending them to our subscribers, I’d be in a lot of trouble! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had typos and broken links caught only by reviewing messages before sending.

Not only do we all make mistakes, but sometimes when we look at our work only from our own perspective, we don’t see the forest for the trees.

Testing can help with both problems. I’d like to briefly share a few ways successful email marketers test their messages, including benefits and limitations of each.

How Good Can Your Confirm Rate Be?

By Justin Premick

Something a little different for Friday: We get a lot of people asking what a “good” confirm rate is – out of everyone who signs up to your list, what proportion will open the confirm message and click on the link to activate their subscription to your list? So, I thought I’d share some of our own results, from our own blog’s email subscribers.

Using Postal Addresses In Your Emails

By Justin Premick

Many small business owners hesitate to provide their home address for fear of it getting in the wrong hands. It’s a legit concern to have, but there are several reasons (both legal and strategic) why it is crucial to make sure you have a valid postal address in your emails.

Personalization Trick: Insert Past and Future Dates

By Justin Premick

CalendarOne of the most-used email marketing “tricks” out there is personalization.

Used sparingly and in the right context, personalization can significantly boost your response. But as personalization shows up in more email marketing campaigns, used in the same ways by so many businesses, its effects can diminish.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use personalization to write more effective email campaigns! You just need to use it creatively.

Here’s one personalization trick that might not have occurred to you.

Don’t Leave Out the What and the Why

By Justin Premick

Plucked this gem out of my subscriptions recently: Tell Customers What They Are Missing. Strictly speaking, the article talks about selling a product and explaining the benefits of that product, but I see at least two instances where being specific leads to better email marketing.

Web Analytics and Email: Bounce Rates

By Marc Kline

One thing I’ve learned about web analytics – the numbers don’t always speak for themselves. There are so many different reports to look at that without some guidance at times, you might feel a little dizzy. But taking some time to install an Analytics package (some are free) and determining which reports are useful to you can pay off in a big way. Now, I’m no expert when it comes to analytics. But from experience, I know the fundamentals. And I’d like to share with you a few things to look for when it comes to something I know quite a bit more about: email marketing. Let’s start today with one of the more basic and easy to understand metrics: Bounce Rate.

Why Aren’t Customers Returning to Your Restaurant?

By Marc Kline

It’s expensive to get people in the door for the first time. If your restaurant relies entirely on these visitors, it’s going to be hard to turn a profit. Why people don’t return to your restaurant can be hard to figure out. But if you don’t have a regular customer base, it would be reasonable to assume a few things about people who don’t return. For instance, they don’t eat out frequently, they want to try a variety of restaurants, and their first meal at your restaurant was not enjoyable. These are important, but there’s still one more hurdle that can make the difference between having every seat in your restaurant filled or tumbleweeds blowing through the rows of empty tables on Friday nights.

How Email Is Used to Promote Conferences

By Marc Kline

Our client EuroSciCon organizes events for life scientists where they can present and discuss cutting edge topics. Email marketing helps them to quickly and effectively promote meetings on cutting edge topics. Today’s case study illustrates a real-life example of how email can be used to send information published to a blog or web page out to the subscribers when they need it.