Want Subscribers to Confirm? Get Creative!

By Justin Premick

Would you spend money on pay-per-click ads (i.e. Google Adwords) and not bother to optimize your landing page content? What about the price of your product, or incentives you use to build urgency – they affect your conversion rate, so you probably test them, right? Now… what about your confirm rate? If you could do something to influence the percentage of people who confirm their signups to your email campaign, you would… wouldn’t you? I recently came across an AWeber user who was frustrated with his confirm rate. As I talked with him, I realized that a lot of you may be missing the same opportunities to get more of your website visitors to confirm.

Improve Your HTML Email for Gmail Subscribers

By Marc Kline

This has been bugging me for a while. Before sending, I test our blog newsletters to Gmail, along with other popular clients (generally a smart thing to do). By and large, the messages tend to look fine, outside of one detail that might seem minor to some but meaningful others who spend some time thinking about optimizing emails for best results. Take a look at a few of the recent tests in my inbox and see if you notice what I did.

Do Buttons Get Clicked More Than Text Links?

By Justin Premick

Many of our readers have already signed up to the live seminar on split testing that we announced last week. But even if you can’t make it, you’re probably interested in learning more about split testing now, right? Fortunately, we happen to have a case study on hand that shows just the sort of information you can learn about your email marketing campaigns by conducting split tests. Today, let’s look at a split test that we ran on our own blog newsletter to get more of you to come to the site and read the latest posts.

3 Affiliate Email Marketing Ideas

By Justin Premick

There are many ways affiliate marketers can effectively marketing themselves, but email is often overlooked. Here are some ways affiliates can more successfully market by email.

Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Email Footer?

By Justin Premick

It’s been a while since we’ve picked apart an email campaign. I’m not really a fan of being negative, but a great example of what not to do came across my desk the other day, and I can’t help but share it with you. Please don’t make the same mistakes with your email footer that these guys did.

How to Survey Your Customers and Prospects

By Justin Premick

It’s tempting to ask your subscribers a laundry list of questions when they sign up to your list, isn’t it? The trouble is that the more information you ask for in a signup form, the fewer people fill it out. So how do you learn more about your potential subscribers without driving them away? Read on for some ideas.

Email Marketing Calendars: Let’s Get Planning

By Justin Premick

This is the second post in a series. Do you feel like you’re constantly working at the last minute to get an email out to your subscribers? Many publishers just like you often fall behind on their email marketing campaigns. You’re focused on getting a new product ready to go to market, or improving an existing one, or working on any one of a mountain of other important areas of your business. Your sending frequency falters, and when the realization sets in that you haven’t emailed your list in a while, you rush to get an email newsletter out to it.

Confirmed Opt-in Myths Exposed

By Sean Cohen

Numerous myths have circulated regarding confirmed opt-in and its effects. There are many misconceptions out there, and we’d like to help clear those up.

Where Can We Find Multichannel Synergy?

By Marc Kline

We are big advocates of multichannel marketing. After all, what is email marketing but another way to communicate with prospects and customers? Of course, there are qualities that make it quite unique, such as its cost effectiveness and its timeliness, but whether we’re getting subscribers from our websites, driving traffic to our blogs and order pages, or encouraging subscribers to visit our physical locations, email does our businesses its biggest favor in combination with other channels.