[New Features] It’s way easier to set up DKIM and DMARC

You use AWeber to get the right message to the right person at the right time, and we’re obsessed with making that happen.

We recently released several improvements to help you get in compliance with recent Gmail and Yahoo sender requirements to make sure your mail keeps getting where it’s supposed to go – plus some other helpful updates to help you build your list, and ultimately earn more.

  • 🖱️ Set up your DKIM and DMARC records with just a few clicks
  • ✅ Have confidence in your email authentication with the DKIM/DMARC checkers
  • 💰 Easily accept donations with a donation landing page
  • 👋 Onboard new subscribers more effectively with a 3-message welcome campaign
  • 🧲 Grow your list using these new lead magnet templates

Set up DKIM / DMARC records with just a few clicks.

We’ve been working hard to make the process of getting DKIM and DMARC records set up for authentication faster and easier.

Now, if your domain name is managed through any of these providers you’ll be able to set up your DNS records automatically, without needing to manually create records.

Screen shot showing "connect your domain to AWeber"

Just click the “Fix Issue” link next to any domain you’d like to authenticate and if it’s supported, a wizard will kick off right inside of AWeber.

Have confidence in your email authentication.

If you do need to manually update your DNS records for DKIM and DMARC, we’ve been listening to feedback from people like you to make that process easier.

Validate your DMARC record – We’ll show you whether your DMARC is set up correctly, and show you what to fix if there are issues.

Screen shot showing where to validate DMARC records in AWeber account

Get specific instructions for your domain host – If you need or choose to manually set up DNS records for your domain, we now give you a link to the specific instructions for your domain host.

Screen shot showing "Set up DMARC policy" in AWeber account

Improvements to validation – Validation of DKIM and DMARC records have been dramatically improved based on feedback and testing to catch and give you feedback on fixing all sorts of issues that may arise with your records.

Easily accept donations with a donation landing page.

One of my teammates at AWeber also runs a non-profit that provides bicycles to people in need. He created a landing page to accept donations that was so successful that we just had to turn it into a template for you.

Screen shot showing Donation landing page template in AWeber

All you have to do is:

  1. Create a new landing page.
  2. Choose the “Donations via QR Code” template.
  3. Replace the placeholder content with information about your organization.
  4. Replace the placeholder QR codes with QR codes for your PayPal, Venmo, and/or Cash app accounts.
  5. Publish your landing page!

Onboard subscribers more effectively with a 3-message welcome campaign.

In a recent newsletter I shared an interesting approach to a simple welcome series that was working for a friend of mine who owns her own business.

The response to that email was so positive that we created a campaign template for you to easily create a version of this campaign strategy for yourself.

GIF showing how to import a campaign in AWeber

To use this campaign, just:

  1. Import the campaign into your account using the campaign code: d70b5a76-1844-49e9-9613-bfc364c5cc10
  2. Customize the content in each message to speak about your specific offering and area of expertise.

Grow your list using these new lead magnet templates.

Lead magnets are incentives for people to sign up for your list. Something that offers enough value that they feel like it’s a good deal to give their email address for access.

It can be really easy to feel overwhelmed by the process of creating a lead magnet. But never fear! I created a few templates that you can just copy and modify to share with your own audience.

Just make a copy of one of the templates below by clicking the link, then go to File > Make a Copy in Google Docs.