How to Get Your Customers to Buy Again with Etsy + AWeber

Did you know that acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one? 

That’s because you’ve already done the hard part: you’ve convinced someone of your value. Once they get to experience your product or service for themselves, they don’t need as much convincing to buy a second time.

As an Etsy seller, you leave money on the table if you aren’t following up with previous purchasers — who are already interested in your products.

But, when you combine Etsy + AWeber, you have the power to take your business to the next level.

Connect Etsy to your AWeber account so you can easily start sending personalized emails to your Etsy customers right after they purchase. 

Creating an email series specifically designed to convert your customers into repeat customers is smart. You’ll get more sales while saving time. 

What Is Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade items and vintage art. If you don’t want to worry about designing, managing, and promoting your own ecommerce site, Etsy handles running your website for you, giving the visibility of your products within its marketplace. This allows you to spend more time creating your products and less time maintaining an ecommerce site.

Although Etsy provides the platform to build your Etsy store, you are in control of customizing your Etsy store to your brand, from naming your store to stocking your shop to setting prices. To get started, just take photos of your products, write your product descriptions, and then publish your products to your Etsy store.

Once a prospect buys a product on your Etsy site, Etsy will deposit the transaction money directly into your bank account, and all you need to do is ship the buyer their purchase.

On top of that, because Etsy integrates with AWeber, your customers will be added to the email list of your choice once they purchase and confirm their subscription.

Get more repeat customer with Etsy and AWeber

When it comes to your email marketing strategy, writing relevant email content personalized based on their interests is one of the best ways to convert your customers into repeat customers. 

The purpose of your email series is to introduce your customers to other similar products on your Etsy site and compel them to purchase again.

Imagine you have a successful greeting card store on Etsy. Let’s say the most popular product in your Etsy store is a red panda greeting card. To convince your red panda card customers to purchase from you again, create a dedicated email series for your red panda card customers.

When your customers buy your red panda greeting card, you send them an automated email series that tells them about products similar to your red panda greeting card.

Here’s an example of what your red panda greeting card email campaign series could look like:

Email 1: Thank You for Your Purchase

This email thanks your customer for purchasing, tells them when they can expect to receive their red panda card, and introduces your company.

The goal is to start building a relationship with your new customer.

Email 2: Love Your Red Panda Card? Check Out This Red Fox Card

This email contains a picture and product description for one of your other best selling cards: your red fox greeting card.

The goal is to introduce your red panda card customers to similar products.

Email 3: 20% Off This Week Only: Wildlife Greeting Card Assortment Pack

This email gives your subscribers a 20 percent discount on your assortment of ten greeting cards.

The goal is to create a sense of urgency to convince your subscribers to purchase your greeting card assortment.

Drive more sales with AWeber Tag Support

Once AWeber’s Etsy integration is installed, any time a shopper buys your product and opts-in to receive content, they are added to your subscriber list in AWeber. That means any time you want to contact your customers, all you have to do is email your subscriber list in AWeber.

Personalization is even easier with Tag Support. A Tag consists of a keyword or phrase that is associated with a specific product. Here are a few of the cool things you can do with AWeber’s Etsy integration with Tag support:

  • Easily manage your Tags. Apply single or multiple Tags based on subscriber behavior or purchased products. View a particular product’s unique Tags at a glance. 
  • Turn first-time buyers into repeat customers. Email new customers an incentive — like a coupon, discount code, or free content they may like based on their first purchase — when a new Tag is applied. 
  • Deliver emails based on a person’s purchase history. Tag support gives you the flexibility to enter a unique set of Tags for a product. That way, you can follow up with more relevant, personalized content and increase revenue opportunities.
  • Automate your campaigns. Easily add subscribers to different lists based on their purchases. Use advanced settings to automate campaigns that trigger when a particular Tag is added to a list.

AWeber’s Drag-and-Drop Editor makes it easy to create emails

AWeber makes it easy to introduce new products to your customer list in a few minutes. Set up the Tags you want to use in your AWeber account. Drag over the element called a “product block” right into an email, and up pops the option for you to select from the products in your Etsy shop. The details of your product will load directly into the email.

We built Esty-inspired email templates for you to use

There are two new email templates specifically for Etsy shops ready in your account:


Store Etsy email template

In “Store,” the top image is the exact size of an Etsy shop banner – just click it and upload your shop’s banner image for maximum customization. Add in your products and signature, and you have a perfectly branded template.


Etsy inspired email template

The “Etsyspired” template resembles Etsy’s color scheme and layout, keeping things easy and familiar for your readers. It also gives you the ability to add or delete columns as needed without interrupting the design.

You’ll find both in your AWeber account, ready to load into the message editor.

Ready to integrate your Etsy account with  AWeber? AWeber provides easy step-by-step instructions.

Why this entrepreneur switched from MailChimp to AWeber for her Etsy shop

Frankie Croker is a mother of two little ones and a lover of crafting. It started as a hobby and turned into a business with her handcrafted bows at Little Wonders Co. She also helps Etsy entrepreneurs start their business and turn their creativity into profits. 

Little Wonders Company homepage of website

Why she left Mailchimp for AWeber

When she started her Etsy shop, Croker needed a powerfully-simple platform that made connecting with her growing subscriber base easy and enjoyable. 

“I left Mailchimp because I felt like it was such a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. I did not enjoy it. I simply wanted to send aesthetically pleasing emails, yet provided substance to my subscribers. 

More importantly, I had no idea about email marketing. Working with Mailchimp I felt out of my depth. It’s not user friendly, and the platform left me feeling more confused than when I started. 

Additionally, the cost sealed the deal for me to leave. It’s enticing to start with them for free, which is why most people tend to choose them because of the affordability. But as you grow, the cost grows significantly and pushes you to consider other feasible options.

AWeber was the obvious choice since they have direct integrations for my Etsy shop and my Shopify website. It ensures that every individual that subscribes is added to my email list within AWeber. There, I can keep track of my number of subscribers, emails that I send out and what emails resonated with them the most based on my analytics,” says entrepreneur Frankie Croker.

AWeber’s comparison chart highlights why AWeber is the better alternative to Mailchimp for small businesses. 

AWeber Vs Mailchimp comparison chart

7 Emails to Send Your Email List for Your Etsy Shop

There are seven types of emails that Croker recommends Etsy shop owners send out to their customers.

1.Welcome Series

A welcome series is a sequence of emails for new subscribers to get to know you and your brand. These emails help to build deep relationships with your subscribers early on, and allows you to introduce them to your products.  

AWeber includes an automated pre-built email sequence that includes a fill-in-the-blank copy template that you can customize. You can also customize the timing of the email series.

Welcome Series Email Examples

AWeber welcome series template

This content is a great starting point. Let it inspire you to write your own welcome email, or plug in your details. This is how Croker wrote her welcome email. 

Little Wonders email template

2. Exclusive Content

Send your subscribers exclusive content. It could be something that you create just for them, or a product that you no longer list on your Esty site. When you send exclusive content to your email list, it makes them feel valued and gives them an extra incentive to remain a subscriber. 

Little Wonders exclusive content email

3. ‘Behind the Scenes’ Looks at Your Business

If you’re struggling for fresh new content to send to your subscribers, consider a behind the scenes look at your business. Take one part of your business and show how it works. It could be your product creation process, your shipping process, or even a day in the life. 

4. Product Launches

Create some buzz about a new product you are about to introduce to your list. Consider a series of emails: when it will be available, another email of its features, and a quick reminder on the day it can be purchased. Don’t forget about landing pages that you can share on your social media channels or host on your website.

Little Wonders product launch email

5. Special Offers

Consider a special offer that is exclusive to your email list. Some popular options include flash sales, bundle deals, coupons or discounts. Your subscribers will appreciate that you value them, and some may even forward it to others.

Little Wonders Special Offer email

6. Surveys

Surveys are an awesome way to get to know what products your customers want and need. They may let you know about a product that you didn’t even think of creating.

Google forms make it easy to ask questions and get instant answers from your customers. Your audience will also appreciate that their opinion matters to you.

7. Loyalty Emails

Recognize significant anniversaries with your subscribers. Sending out special emails for a milestone lets your subscribers know you value their support. You can also send out loyalty emails whenever you reach a business milestone, number of subscribers, number of products, or followers on social media. 

Best free email marketing software

Our mission is simple: to deliver powerfully-simple email marketing tools to help small business owners and entrepreneurs — like you — grow your business.

AWeber Free is our completely free email marketing and landing pages plan — perfect for those who are just getting started or kicking off a passion project. We’ll give you everything you need to start building your audience today.

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  1. g morgan

    9/2/2020 10:33 pm

    Do I get a link that I can put in my About page or in listings to get people to sign up for a coupon?
    I’m not seeing anything in my Etsy site that would allow a ‘looker’ to sign up for an email list from my shop.

    This is just as confusing as MailChimp.

  2. Brandon Olson

    9/3/2020 2:47 pm

    Hey there! The Etsy integration allows you to add your Etsy buyers to your AWeber account, and then allow you to add your Etsy products directly into your emails to your AWeber subscribers. Here’s an article that explains how the integration works.

  3. Drewry

    9/8/2020 9:07 am

    Etsy is one of many wonderful side hustles because they make online selling so simple, while giving the seller a piece of mind. Selling on Etsy is helping everyday people make the successful transformation from employee to entrepreneur and increase their side hustle millionaire online earning potential.