Grow Your Email List Anywhere with AWeber’s Atom Mobile App

The newest email marketing app from AWeber is here. Learn about how Atom allows you to manage your subscribers list from your Android or Apple device on the go!

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Owning a business is a 24/7/365 proposition – so is growing your email list. Miss an opportunity to sign up a prospect for your newsletter, and you’re missing out on a potential sale. Sure, there’s the old-fashioned pen and paper method for collecting names and email addresses on the fly, but we all know how time-consuming and error-prone that can be.

Here at AWeber, we’re all about making email marketing as easy as possible for our customers ? even from their mobile devices. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Atom, AWeber’s newest mobile app that makes growing your email list a snap.

Atom is the email sign up app for iOS and Android. With Atom, you can add new subscribers to your AWeber email list any time, anywhere. Just hand your mobile device to your new subscriber, let them enter their name and email address, and that’s it! Atom is the simple, fast way of growing your email list, no matter where life takes you – which, for a business owner, can be almost anywhere.

That got us thinking: There are lots of places where you might meet someone new who would like to become part of your email list. Here are a few spots where Atom can lend you hand.

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Your business location

For those who own a brick-and-mortar business, it’s important to give customers a quick and easy way to sign up for your list during their visit. Just open the app on your iPad or mobile device and let Atom (and your customer) take it from there!

Tradeshows, networking events and conferences

While networking is valuable, a pocket full of business cards doesn’t grow your email list. Use AWeber’s Atom app to collect names and email addresses at tradeshows, conferences and meetups. As a result, you can maximize your time at events and gain more subscribers in less time.

At the gym

Hey, you never know where you’ll meet someone who is interested in learning more about your business. Atom helps you grow your list and make connections anywhere – even on the treadmill.

At meetings

If you attend in-person meetings and come across someone who could benefit from your newsletter, ask them if they’d be interested in signing up for your list. The mobile Atom app helps you proactively grow your list in situations where you see opportunity – and the result is significantly more engaged readers.

On the train (or plane, or bus… you get the picture.)

Ever notice how much chattier folks get when you take them out of their regular environment? Sometimes it’s easier to get a conversation going when you’re traveling – and should the conversation turn to your business, you are fully prepared with Atom.

Anywhere you need an email sign up app!

As a business owner, it can be tough to stay organized – especially if you’re collecting new subscribers on the go. With Atom, you can add new subscribers to any email list you have and they’ll receive their first follow up immediately. There’s no downtime, no sorting through scraps of paper or worse, losing your customer’s information in the shuffle. This mobile email marketing app helps you stay organized so you can focus on what really matters… growing your business!

What are you waiting for? Download the Atom email sign up app today, and share with us in the comments where you plan on growing your AWeber email list!


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  1. J Hunter

    11/17/2014 9:05 pm

    This is a game changer. I love that we can use the app on an android or apple device at live events. Instead of paper and pencil you’ll have a new way to engage – give them your mobile devices and say type in your name and email. Talk about a call-to-action, that’s way better than a pop-under, give them a mobile device and have them type in their name and email.

    A great idea, give out a swag bag with a free pen, or have a spinny wheel with prizes – cost of admission? Hand them the AWeber Atom app, and get a golden nugget added to your list.

    We wrote a great little blog about this: Great work Aweber! Once again!

  2. J Hunter

    11/17/2014 9:08 pm

    My comment wasn’t submitted properly, let me try this again without a link to the blog post we made about this.

    AWeber Atom App is great for the on-the-go list builder. I envision this at a trade show, or event with a spinney wheel and prizes – as soon as they put their information into your list on your mobile device!

    Great work, and good looking out. Love it, installed it and reviewed it on Google Play already!

    J Hunter
    Founder VA Staffer | Virtual Assistants