How This Online Business Manages Multiple Audiences Easily

Beth Picard creates and helps others create web graphics. She offers various tutorials on how to create backgrounds, clip art and other images to use on the web. Every business needs graphics, so Beth needs to let everyone know who she is and why she’s a good solution for their business.

Fortunately, she’s found a solution for her to accomplish this.

How Email Marketing Helps

“AWeber has made it so much easier for me to market my four sites, and to be able to stay in touch with customers that have different needs and wouldn’t necessarily want to get emails about things on other sites,” Beth says. “I use AWeber to stay in touch with my graphics customers, to let them know when I am having a sale, and occasionally some other info I think they would be interested in.”

To ensure subscribers get the content most relevant to them, Beth manages her different sites with separate lists. Each list can have its own set of messages, settings and sign up forms. For content relevant to all subscribers, she can choose to send an email to multiple lists.

“My customers LOVE getting my emails, because it usually means they are going to get a good deal on something. Most of the time, I don’t announce the sales I am having anywhere, not on my sites, Facebook or Twitter – you have to be on my email list (and CONFIRMED) to get the email about the sales. This helps me keep my email subscribers and gives them a little “bonus” for being on my list,” Beth says.

Here’s an example of one of her emails:

Click here for full size.

Here’s what we like about this email:

  • It’s colorful and attractive without being overwhelming to the eye.
  • She uses the Etsy-email integration to easily upload product images and descriptions.
  • She has a personal, friendly tone that makes your feel like you’re getting a letter from a friend.

With emails like these, Beth averages a 65% open rate and a 23% click-through rate!

How She’s Growing Her Audience

Beth offered some insight on how easy it has been to grow her list as well:

“Before using AWeber, I had to manually add email addresses of my Etsy customers and then if I ever wanted to send out an email to all of them, I had to send send multiple emails because of the number of customers I had,” Beth says. “Not only has using AWeber taken that burden off of me, but with the Etsy app, the email sign up boxes on my Great Graphics website, My Friend Beth and, I have TONS of people signing up for my emails and it is all done so effortlessly.”

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  1. Beth

    6/24/2013 9:52 am

    Thanks Aweber- not only for the feature, but mostly for helping me keep all my emails organized for my customers and making that part of my life so much easier!! I LOVE Aweber!!

  2. Randall Magwood

    6/24/2013 12:17 pm

    It amazes me how some of the most unique businesses are using email marketing effectively in their business. Beth is definitely doing it right.