1. Gordon Johnson

    3/27/2020 5:56 pm

    Why not send separate emails to dog lovers and cat lovers?

  2. Brandon Olson

    7/30/2020 2:41 pm

    You can certainly do that, Gordon. This is simply one example of how dynamic content might help you. There are many others, depending on your business and use cases.

  3. Jon Weberg

    4/1/2020 11:31 pm

    As always, the customer must be the main focus! As you described, the more you personalize your email, (videos, content, etc) the more you audience relates, and converts. 🙂

    I’d say, from the businesses and entrepreneurs I watch and work with around me, the majority miss out on the profit and rewards that come with being personable.

    Videos aren’t for me, being myself and showing personality isn’t for us, we’re “professional”, all are excuses that keep a lot of businesses from growing and creating communication that actually converts.

    A great article my friend, thank you for the read!!

  4. Randall Magwood

    4/2/2020 4:37 pm

    For the variables for dynamic content, does it mean I would have to ask for more information on the signup form? (ex: name, email, phone number, address, etc?)

    I’m assuming Aweber already has an image bank that relate to the tags that someone may use in their email messages?

  5. Brandon Olson

    7/30/2020 2:39 pm

    Hi Randall. You may need to gather some additional information from your subscribers. If you’re using our sign up forms or landing pages, you can easily tag subscribers without them having to provide additional information. But you can also collect this data on the sign up form using custom fields. Our image library has 6,000+ free stock images to choose from, so the chances of finding one you like are pretty high. That being said, you can always use a service like Unsplash or Pexels to use high-quality, free stock imagery.