How to Use Email Marketing and These 7 Ecommerce Integrations to Get More Customers

Sending relevant, targeted email content to prospects and customers will increase your conversions and convince more people to buy.

AWeber’s ecommerce integrations can help you send segmented emails to different customers depending on what they purchase, or even tag subscribers and send them emails based on an action they took — like purchasing a specific product. 

In the video below, we highlight 7 powerful ecommerce tools that integrate with AWeber. 

  1. WooCommerce – The most popular customizable ecommerce platform for WordPress websites.
  2. Shopify – Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person.
  3. PayPal – PayPal allows you to easily sell products and services.
  4. Etsy – Etsy is an ecommerce platform that allows creative entrepreneurs to sell their products online, offering a wide range of tools that help makers start, manage, and scale their businesses.
  5. ClickBank – ClickBank is one of the largest online retailers, helping entrepreneurs sell digital products to customers in over 190 countries.  
  6. 3dcart – 3dcart is a robust ecommerce platform designed to help business owners effectively open, operate, and maintain a successful online store.
  7. SamCart – SamCart is a full-fledged shopping cart software built exclusively for sellers with one main product.

For a limited time, AWeber has partnered with WooCommerce in offering a 50% discount (a $29.50 savings) off of new and renewed WooCommerce annual subscriptions when you use the AWeber integration with your online store. Offer valid through April 30, 2020.

4 powerful and simple ecommerce emails

AWeber allows you to instantly integrate your email marketing with your ecommerce store and communicate directly with your audience. Here are 4 email campaigns you can use to increase sales from your ecommerce site.

1. Cart abandonment email

How you should use it: People who have added your product to their shopping cart but don’t end up finishing the purchase have incredibly high potential to become customers. Easily send a promotional email to encourage them to purchase.

2. Discount email

How you should use it: A discount may be the push your customers need to buy again. Send an email to customers who bought from you recently. Offer them a discount on their next purchase as a thank you for being a loyal customer.

How you should use it: Once you know your customer’s preferences and purchase history, you can send more relevant, personalized content and even suggest additional products to increase revenue opportunities.

4. Welcome email campaign

When you should use it: When a customer purchases something from your store, allow them to sign up for your newsletter and send them an automated welcome campaign. A welcome campaign will enable you to begin building a relationship with your audience while keeping them engaged over time. 

Not sure what to write? AWeber has pre-written, automated email campaigns inside each account — including cart abandonment and welcome campaigns.

Or, download our free What to Write in Your Emails Guide to get 45+ fill-in-the-blank email copy templates.

Try AWeber and start growing your ecommerce business online.

You’ll get everything you need to start growing your ecommerce business online — including sign up forms, email templates, pre-written automated campaigns, and landing pages. Get AWeber Free today. 

AWeber is a powerfully-simple email marketing solution that makes it easy to communicate with your online store visitors. AWeber is committed to building tools for small business owners who want to understand and connect with their customers, deliver personalized experiences, and turn more first-time shoppers into lifelong customers.


  1. Don Hayes

    4/15/2020 12:22 pm

    Hi Chris, I hope all is well with you and the family over at aweber.

    This is one of the best emails I got this morning during this brain storming time in my business life, and life in general.

    My question: fujunity is an Ecommerce Integration classify trade portal that markets to businesses in Africa.
    What is the process to make fujunity a part of Awebers integration system?

    I would like to know what is the process or requirements to get set up?

    Thank you and keep the great content alive 🙂

    Don Hayes
    Owner of

  2. Brandon Olson

    4/17/2020 9:41 am

    Hi Don! Please email us at, and we’ll connect you with our strategic partnerships manager to explore an integration.