How to Sell Online with Ecommerce Landing Pages

Anyone who’s tried to sell something online knows how intimidating it can be. Most online sales platforms require designing an entire website, setting up complex systems, and spending a lot up front.

Creating a fancy website from the ground up — or relying on costly ecommerce platforms — aren’t the right solutions. 

If your time and budget is limited, what you really need is a page that sells what you offer — today and for free.

Good news: We’ve got you covered!

Choose one of our ecommerce landing page templates and easily have a sales page in minutes — seriously. No coding or design required.

We’ll cover what an ecommerce landing page is and offer inspiration on where to get started. Plus, check out three brand new templates you can use to sell subscriptions and payment plans.

What is an ecommerce landing page?

ECommerce + Landing Page

Let’s break down these terms.

  • Ecommerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services online. Transactions occur electronically, but products can be delivered physically or digitally. If you have ever bought anything online, you participated in ecommerce.
  • Meanwhile, a landing page is a single web page used to drive traffic. Unlike a website’s homepage, a visitor cannot navigate to different web pages. The goal of a landing page is clearly focused on getting a visitor to take one, specific action.

Put them together, and you get a landing page that drives people to purchase from you. 

Pretty simple. 

But how is an ecommerce landing page different from selling on the behemoth ecommerce sites we’ve all heard of: Amazon, Etsy, and other online marketplaces?

If you’re just starting out, selling on these third-party platforms can be a hassle to set up. Plus, there are costly fees that are hard to justify if this is your first time selling online. 

Thankfully, ecommerce landing pages let you manage costs, test your idea in a low-risk setting, limit competition, and better control your ability to upsell, cross sell, and drive referrals. 

3 new sales page templates

This July, 2021, we added three new plug-and-play landing pages to our template gallery that make selling in minutes easy.

Sell a subscription service

Whether you’re offering a monthly service, looking for ongoing donations, or simply want to showcase three levels of service, this Patreon-like template is for you.

Simply add your own images, details and payment links and you can start earning passive income today.

Offer weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring payments

Want to start charging for your newsletter? Setting up a subscription service? Do you want to offer a yearly plan so your audience can pay in advance?

Use this beautiful recurring payments template to showcase the benefits of your offering, and give your buyers the option for a weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring payment.

Showcase and sell your product or service

Upload images and add a description of your offering to this simple, clean product landing page and you can start selling in minutes.

This template is also fantastic if you want to offer a one-off discount, target a specific audience, or sell a one-off product without extra work.

Inspiring ecommerce landing page examples

No matter what you want to sell, ecommerce landing pages are a valuable tool to support your growth. 

Here are how 5 online business owners are using ecommerce landing pages to make money online. 

Sell fitness coaching services

Zumba instructor Alycia McFarlin uses an ecommerce landing page to collect payment from her clients. To make it convenient for her clients to pay how they wish, she offers them the options to pay with PayPal, Venmo, or with a Credit Card. 

Using an ecommerce landing page, McFarlin can collect payment from clients who choose to pay with a Credit Card right on her landing page. 

fitness ecommerce landing page

What’s great about this page?

  • Effective ecommerce landing pages keep the visitor focused on taking one specific action. This page keeps the visitor focused on making a payment so they can sign up for a Zumba class.
  • This page is branded with McFarlin’s brand colors, making it easily identifiable among returning customers. 
  • There’s a way for visitors to stay in touch and receive class updates and schedules by signing up for her newsletter. 

Expand your services with personalized consulting

Carey Shoemaker, who documents her family’s experience living and working remotely abroad on her site and YouTube channel News from the Shoes, set up an ecommerce landing page to sell consultations to help others interested in full-time travel, social media, and living abroad. 

Selling a one-hour consulting call through her landing page allows her to keep visitors focused on the value they receive from booking time with her. 

consulting ecommerce page

What’s great about this page:

  • Shoemaker includes a link to this page in her social media profiles. This drives followers who actively want to learn more about her services to this page.
  • The offer is highly personalized. Each consulting call is unique depending on the purchasers’ interests. This type of personalization means customers receive a fantastic experience.
  • The landing page copy is clear and concise. It’s immediately clear what value a potential customer will receive for the one-hour consulting call. 

Monetize your network

Amanda Tento, Marketing Tech Consultant and founder of The Determined Mom, rallies her followers to sign up for low-cost, but high-impact, networking groups. 

These networking groups are set up in virtual meeting rooms that allow participants to move around the room as they would in real life. Plus, they’re scheduled at convenient times that won’t conflict with free time. 

Tento saw an opportunity to offer these organized networking events by selling access on an ecommerce landing page which she promotes on her website and social media. 

network ecommerce landing page

What’s great about this page:

  • The landing page copy clearly addresses why a visitor should attend. The value is evident, but Tento makes signing up more enticing by running a giveaway for attendees.
  • The call-to-action (CTA) on the button is enticing and interesting. Unique calls to action like “Save your seat” tend to perform better than generic CTAs like “learn more” or “sign up.”
  • Eye-catching use of brand colors. Not only does the landing page use The Determined Mom’s brand colors, the buttons stand out from the background, making this a visually appealing page. 

Sell your creations for a cause

Chris Vasquez sells personalized pet sketches and donates 80% of the proceeds to the same animal rescue organization he found his own furry friend.

Selling digital products — such as artwork and other designed assets like logos, websites, photography, and more — is a great way to complement consulting services or freelance work.  

artist ecommerce landing page

What’s great about this page:

  • Visitors get to see an example of a sketch they could receive. This artwork highlight is not only eye-catching, but necessary to convert visitors into buyers.
  • Consumers want to support brands they believe in. Socially responsible companies that give back to the community are easy to get behind.
  • Everything fits together: the copy, design, and tone of this page are playful and fun. This voice likely matches that of a customer. Who else would buy a personalized sketch of their cat’s face wearing a chicken hat? 

Upsell on a ‘Thank You’ page

Sending your customers to an ecommerce landing pages after purchase is a great way to cross sell your other products.

On this landing page, Rose Bartu, creator of Freedom Through Songwriting, points customers who just purchased her masterclass toward her private podcast feed. This gives them the option to listen to the course while on the go. 

thank you upsell page

What’s great about this page:

  • This ‘thank you’ page capitalizes on the moment new customers are most engaged with the brand by offering an upsell to a related product. 
  • The page indicates what customers need to do next: check their email to get started with the masterclass. 
  • The page is written in a way that makes customers feel special. The copy “I have a little surprise for you,” evokes a feeling of exclusivity — an effective psychological strategy in marketing to help customers feel valued. 

Pro tip: If you have multiple products or services, ‘Thank You’ pages are a great strategy to drive additional sales. People are already aware and engaged with your company after they purchased; if you have something to offer customers at this stage of their journey to get them excited about your brand, now is a great time to do it. 

Ecommerce landing page templates.

To help you quickly create landing pages that beautifully display your products and expertly position your services, we created landing page templates proven to sell and ready for you to use.

To get started, login to your AWeber account and select the following templates. Then, just add your logo, images, colors and products — you’re ready to start selling!

eCommerce Offer Landing Page Template

ecommerce landing page template

Online Course Offer Landing Page Template

online course landing page template

Coaching Landing Page Template

coaching landing page template

Choose your template + create your landing page today.

Make your first dollar online today.

When looking for a landing page solution to sell your products or services online, look for software that lets you easily accept payments, market yourself, and grow your email list from one, easy-to-use tool. 

Save even more time with professionally designed templates, purchase tagging that lets you automate email campaigns to new customers, and custom domains to generate recognition and credibility.
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