Comcast Added to Feedback Loop System

Flying EnvelopesSince our messages’ relevance to subscribers is crucial to the deliverability of our messages, knowing how they respond to them is important.

Opens and clicks tell us some things, like the rate at which our subscribers positively respond to messages. But at best, that’s only half of the story.

That’s why we’re glad to be a part of Comcast’s new feedback loop system.

A Win-Win Situation for Email Deliverability…

The other half of the story is recognizing when subscribers react in a less beneficial way, such as when they mark our messages as SPAM. This is crucial because nothing good can possibly come from messages that don’t get through as a result of ISP blocking.

By passing a more complete subscriber complaint rate to users, we can help them to better understand what is relevant and important to subscribers and what they don’t want to see in their inboxes.

At the same time, our administrators now have another tool at their disposal to monitor our system to make sure the actions of a small subset of people sending irrelevant messages doesn’t affect those of us adhering to email marketing best practices.

So, while it’s not a flashy new feature, it’s something we’re happy to implement.

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  1. Tim Linden

    4/24/2008 7:42 pm

    As more feedback loops are put into play, is it safe to assume the complaint rate will go up because of it? Obviously not a drastic jump, but something..?

  2. Marc Kline

    4/28/2008 11:41 am


    Yes, it is possible that complaint rates may rise gradually as more are added and we can report more feedback to users about their subscribers’ habits.