Quick Tips Video: Using Design to Enhance Your Content

Watch our latest episode of Quick Tips and learn about the ways in which you can use design elements to make your content more engaging for your audience.

When you create a piece of content such as a blog post, at what point do you consider design?

If you tend to conduct a quick Google image search after you’ve edited your blog article, you’re not alone. Too often, design is an afterthought to writing – which means you could be missing out on a big opportunity to create content that’ll really wow  your audience.

Ready to learn more about enhancing your content with design? Watch our latest episode of Quick Tips now:

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Olivia (O): Hey I’m Olivia.

Monica (M): And I’m Monica. Welcome to AWeber Quick Tips!

O: Do you tend to write content without giving much thought to how it’s designed? If so, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to better engage your audience. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can use them together to create an awesome experience for your audience. Let’s get to it!

M: Tip #1: Think of your brand

O: When designing content for your blog, email or website, keep your brand in mind. What emotions do you want your content and design to evoke? Carefully choose your design and visuals that help you achieve that tone.

M: Expedia, for example, does a great job using their brand colors in emails. It’s everywhere, from headers and footers to headlines and buttons.

O: Consistent branding makes it easier for customers and prospects to recognize that a piece of content comes from you. And that image of a beautiful beach & palm trees absolutely makes me want to go there.

M: Tip #2: Tend to the details

O: Articles with pictures get 94 percent more page visits and engagement, so use images to your advantage.

M: The typeface you use can also influence the mood your content evokes in readers, so keep the font in mind when designing a web page or email template.

O: … And avoid comic sans at all costs.

M: If you have a long piece of content, break it up with visual hierarchy to make it easier to read. Whether you use bullet points, sub-headlines or images to break up text, this makes it much more engaging.

O: Tip #3: Keep it consistent

M: If you have a big team of designers and writers working on a single piece of content, it shouldn’t come across that way. Maintain a consistent feel across all of your content – website pages, print materials – by establishing a specific tone and voice for your branded content.

O: That does wonders for creating a unified brand experience for your audience.

M: Tip #4: Think quality over quantity

O: Great design can really enhance a piece of content, but avoid going overboard. Sometimes, all you need is one simple image.

M: That’s right — You don’t want to distract your audience from the message you’re trying to get across. As they say, less is often more.

O: And that’s it! Have other ideas for creating awesome content your customers love? Send us a Tweet.

M: For more content and design tips, be sure to sign up to the AWeber blog.

O: Thanks for watching and check back in 2 weeks for the next AWeber Quick Tips!

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