Growing Your Email List From 0 to 60

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 12 - 1PM EST


Webinar Details

Before you can build strong relationships through email marketing, and generate a ton of sales to grow your business, you’ll need subscribers to send to!

Many webinars will sell you on some secret sauce to get your first 10,000 subscribers, or charge you for programs to help you 20x your list growth overnight. The truth is, you may not need 10,000 subscribers to start seeing a return on your investment. You may only need 100 or 50 or 25.

In this live workshop, learn three simple techniques for growing your email list from zero to 60. If you’re new to email marketing, this event is for you. We’re going to take it slow, set realistic goals and then learn how to grow your list, one new subscriber at a time.

Here are a few things you’ll learn:

  • Three basic tactics for growing a strong email list only using AWeber and FREE tools (no upsells here)
  • How to optimize your site to boost traffic and email list signups (or what to do if you don’t have a site)
  • Ways to utilize your emails themselves to attract new subscribers
  • The basics of email monetization, and why list size may not matter for your business

Join Tom Tate from AWeber on Tuesday, January 17 at 12 pm ET, where you’ll learn all of the above and more. Can’t make it? Register anyway and we’ll send you the workshop materials.

Meet the Presenter

Tom Tate, Product Marketing Manager at AWeber

Tom is an email marketing and email automation fanatic. At AWeber, he leads the charge on marketing new product and feature releases, and hosts the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast. Tom frequently contributes to the AWeber blog.