New in AWeber! Visualize Your Campaign Performance

Use Stats, AWeber’s mobile app, to check out your automated email performance on-the-go! Plus, there are more upgrades inside your account . . .

Last month, we announced that we expanded our chat support hours to 24/7.

This month: Our product team has some new awesome features for you to dive into. Check them out!

Visualize your automation engagement in the AWeber Stats app

Are there leaks in your funnel?

With our latest release of AWeber’s Stats app, you can now see subscribers’ open and click engagement across entire campaigns in real time!

The interface is optimized for mobile, and it compliments both short and long email sequences. Simply drag and tap to see the individual performance of messages in your campaign.

What you need to know:

  • Detailed, real-time, and simple visualizations of your automated campaigns have arrived in AWeber’s Stats app. 📱
  • These visualizations help you understand how your emails are performing.
  • See where you can look to optimize subject lines, calls to action, or email content! 🚀

How to take advantage of this feature:

  • Download AWeber’s Stats app for free on iTunes or Google Play. Log in with your AWeber username and password to get started!
  • If you are using Campaigns, tap the Autoresponders section in the app, then the Campaigns tab to check out the open and click performance of your messages.
  • Check out our full guide to learn more.

Greet your subscribers in five additional languages

Earlier this year, we added over 13 language selections to your confirmation email options, which allows you to message your subscribers in their own words.

We just added another 5! You can now send confirmation emails in Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Slovenian, or Norwegian.

What you need to know:

  • Send your confirmation email to your audience in their native language!

How to take advantage of this feature:

Help us build a better builder

If you’ve visited our Drag-and-Drop message builder in the past few weeks, you might have noticed an invitation to test our new, improved builder. We need your feedback to know what we got right (or wrong) with this new experience. In fact, we’re already hard at work implementing many customers’ requests and suggestions.

aweber drag and drop builderWhat you need to know:

  • We’re getting ready to launch the upgraded email builder! 🙌
  • Our new experience is currently available as a preview, but we’ll be rolling out changes to everyone soon. You can build and send emails in the new experience or the old experience right now. 👷

How to take advantage of this feature:

  • Log in to your AWeber account, visit the existing Drag-and-Drop builder, and look for a banner invitation to try the new experience.
  • Don’t worry, you can switch back-and-forth between the new and old builders. And any message you create can be sent from either builder!

Summer is just heating up! We’re working on a some hot new features that we can’t wait to share.

Stay tuned for what’s on deck, and let us know what features you need to be successful with email marketing!

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