Campaigns: Your Email Automation Platform

A new era of email automation is here. Send the right message to the right person at the right time with Campaigns.

As of February 3, 2020, all new AWeber customers will have access to Campaigns, our cutting-edge automation tool. (You can think of it as the autoresponder of the future.) All customers that joined AWeber before February 3, 2020 will have access to Campaigns and can also continue to use our legacy automation tool — Follow Up Series.

When AWeber created the first autoresponder way back in 1998, we helped change the way businesses connect with their customers. These days, there’s a lot more noise out there – both in and out of the inbox. Making those meaningful connections can be tough, but it’s also more important than ever.

We wanted to make it easier for you keep in touch with your customers and prospects and have more time to focus on doing the things you love. Impossible? No way. Not with Campaigns.

Campaigns is AWeber’s new email automation platform. With Campaigns, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time, without sacrificing more of your precious time.

Why email automation?

Campaigns help you work smarter, not harder. To understand why, let’s talk about email automation.

You’ve probably heard of email automation (sometimes called autoresponders or follow up emails) before, but here’s a little refresher: email automation lets you send out messages automatically to your subscribers at preselected times and after specific actions they’ve taken.

So let’s say you’re a salsa dance teacher and you want anyone who signs up for your list automatically to get a series of emails. The first one – your welcome email – could be their introduction to you. After that, you’ll want to teach them why they need salsa dancing in their life. Later, you might send them an exclusive discount on their first salsa lesson. Finally, you could send a survey to gather their feedback on all of the emails you’ve sent them so far.

All of your new subscribers will get these messages, saving you the hassle of sending the same information over and over again. Once you have those emails set up, they keep maintaining those relationships while you’re busy doing other things – like salsa dancing!

Campaigns help you do all of that and a lot more.

What can Campaigns do for me?

Campaigns expand on what you can with autoresponders. Now you can run multiple autoresponder series on the same list to different groups of subscribers. Create as many series as you want – the possibilities are nearly endless!

Campaigns List

Take e-courses, for example. An e-course lets you teach your subscribers about your products, services, or anything else in quick, digestible emails. Your e-course can contain as few or as many emails as you want – it’s entirely up to you!

E-courses have a great track record of success: AWeber customer Henneke Duistermaat gets open rates between 50 and 60 percent on her “snackable” course.

You can also build campaigns based on where people sign up – so you can send your subscribers who sign up on your mobile app a different campaign from those subscribers who sign up on your website.

Triggers in campaigns

Linked campaigns are another way to get more out of your campaigns. Let’s say you have a welcome campaign containing three emails that a new subscriber gets when they sign up. Once they reach that last email, you might want to move them into a second campaign with another series of emails.

Linking Campaigns

With Campaigns, you can apply a tag to all of your subscribers who reach the end of your first campaign that will automatically add them to your second campaign.

Once they reach the end of that second campaign, they can be added to a third campaign, and so on. See what I mean by endless possibilities?

(And in case you’re wondering, we have big things planned for tags in the future. Stay tuned!)

What if I’m already using a follow up series?

If you’re already using legacy follow ups with AWeber, you might be wondering how your workflow is going to change. The good news is, it isn’t! Your legacy follow up series will remain untouched and will continue to work the same way it always has.

Just keep in mind that you can send multiple campaigns to your subscribers. So if you already have a welcome series with your legacy follow ups and you want to create a new welcome campaign, remember to readjust the filters on which subscribers receive the series so your subscribers don’t get the same messages twice.

How do I get started with Campaigns?

If you’re already an AWeber customer, Campaigns is included in your account – there are no extra fees! Simply log in to your AWeber account to access it!

If you have questions or feedback, we want to hear it! Get in touch with us any time.


  1. Gregg

    10/22/2015 3:40 pm

    Good stuff, guys. Made a lot of money using your autoresponder functionality back in the day and love the next step with campaigns. Can’t wait to see what else is coming.

  2. Kristen Dunleavy

    10/23/2015 8:52 am

    That’s great to hear, Gregg! Be on the lookout for our next updates to the Campaigns platform 🙂

  3. David Gregory

    10/23/2015 2:42 am

    Magical. This is long overdue from the guys at AWeber, but this is a kick in the teeth for the other guys. Thanks so much for implementing!

  4. Kristen Dunleavy

    10/23/2015 8:57 am

    Thank you for the kind words, David! Campaigns is quite magical. ✨?

  5. Jay

    10/24/2015 3:27 am

    I have several lists for the same website (so that I can deliver different lead magnets). I want them all to go through the same follow up series (minus their first email which delivers the lead magnet). Are we able to do this with Campaigns?

  6. Melodie Licht

    10/27/2015 10:49 pm

    The new Campaigns platform is just what I’ve been looking for. Can’t wait to get in and get it working for me! Love the simplicity and layouts!

  7. jules

    10/28/2015 1:46 pm

    How about switching them to a different campaign if they click on a specific link?

    eg. in the first email you mention a, b and c ..

    if the click on the link for c they switch to a different campaign

  8. JC

    11/2/2015 4:45 am

    What I need is not a new autoresponder tool allowing multiple campaigns, even if this is a progress.

    I need to be able to bulk add tags, launch campaign based on a subscriber action (click, open), use multiple triggers, copy subscribers in multiple lists without recreating them, etc.

    From what I understand, this release of Campaigns is totally non-sense and still not an improvement vs. the competition.

    What are your plans for further improvements ?

  9. Malcolm

    11/3/2015 2:42 am

    Love that you have added campaigns but it will so much better when you add “clicked link” and “Visted a page” .
    But it’s a great start and I know you have just begun to implement it.


  10. Matteo

    11/3/2015 9:29 am

    I totally agree with JC and Malcolm.

  11. Jose Scafarelli

    11/4/2015 12:21 pm

    Maybe i did not understand, but…
    the only difference between the old followup and the new campaigns is that i can set that one campaign starts wehn another is finished?

    (and of course, i can send different emails to mobile users…)

  12. Keith Wilson

    11/10/2015 4:05 pm

    This sounds fantastic guys. I’ve been an Aweber customer for many years and have always been happy with most of the features but just lately, after reviewing other systems, I was starting to wonder if you were becoming slightly complacent but obviously not. Will you be looking to add functionality similar to what is available in products like AW Pro Tools cos if you are, I ain’t going anywhere ?