Elevate Your Landing Page with Embedded Interactive Smart Content

Posting your latest viral video, sharing your favorite music, podcast, or blog post with your audience may be nothing new to you. But did you know that you can now include content from some of the most popular platforms that you use every day into your AWeber landing page using the AWeber Smart Content feature?

Typically embedding user content is not an easy process. It can be time-consuming and frustrating if you are not a technical whiz — until now!

Adding embedded content has never been easier!

With the content element, you can add rich, interactive content to landing pages by simply copying and pasting a link. Transform hyperlinks into embedded rich media — polls, slideshows, music, live video, forms, gifs, infographics, RSS feeds, audio playlists, products and so much more!

Content URL Widget Examples
Just a few examples of how you can use the content widget

How every business can benefit from embedded landing page content

Everyone can benefit from using AWeber’s Smart Content widget to enhance their landing page, grow their business, and increase revenue

Small businesses

Embed content from providers you already use, like Amazon, Google Maps, and Kickstarter.

Landing page with a  Google Map embedded

Using strong visuals embedded in your landing page gives you a better chance your audience will take action or return to your landing page in the future.

Content creators

Don’t let all of your hard work driving traffic to your landing page leave your visitors feeling unsatisfied. Let your content help your audience get to know you better.

Instantly show your landing page visitors the value of your content. Embed content from RSS, Instagram, and Typeform to engage with your customers and grow your business on your landing page.

See how easy it is to embed a survey in just a few seconds


Did you know as of 2019, there were  86 million podcast listeners in the U.S., and the podcast industry is forecasted to grow to around 132 million by 2022.

AWeber’s awesome Smart Content widget supports some of the most popular podcasting platforms like Art 19 and Spotify so you can actually engage with your podcast right on your landing page. How cool is that?

Easily embed your podcast into your landing page

A podcast landing page can help you grow your subscriber base, allow you to promote your show, and even offer additional content or an affiliate offer to increase your revenue.

Audio Industry

Music and audio marketing couldn’t be more powerfully-simple when you use the AWeber Smart Content widget on your landing page. Easily promote new releases, tickets, and merchandise. 

Landing Page with Spotif audio embedded

Audio industry providers like Soundcloud and RaveDJ help you deliver streams, downloads, and make more sales. 

Online learning

You spent the time to create an informative and engaging online course. But now you need to promote it. A landing page is one of the best ways to highlight the amazing benefits your prospects will get from your online course. 

Embed content from leading providers like Khan Academy, Vidcaster, SchoolTube, and Lynda.com.


Level up your landing page’s fun factor by adding engaging content from two of the largest gaming industry providers: Twitch.TV and IGN.

TwitchTV is the world’s largest video game broadcasting and chat community.  And IGN is your go-to site for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, PS Vita & iPhone games with expert reviews, news, previews, trailers, cheat codes, wiki guides & walkthroughs.

Landing page with Twitch embedded

Think of how awesome your gamer landing page will be using AWeber’s Smart Content widget to create more personalized, robust pages for your streams and games — including an embedded stream.

What types of content can you embed into AWeber’s Landing Pages?

AWeber supports over 700 content provider options. Dynamic content, products, video, audio, images, photos, and so much more — embed the content your users need, want, and crave.  


You probably used surveys delivered through email, but did you know you can also integrate surveys in your AWeber landing pages?

Using the survey provider Typeform, the AWeber Smart Content feature lets you embed a survey anywhere on your landing page. Easily include a survey on your thank you page to gather information about your subscribers or an offer you want to test.

Location maps 

The AWeber Smart Content feature lets you easily embed interactive Google Maps into your event or business landing page so that your storefront or event can be found easily.  

Landing page with an embedded Goggle Map

Don’t make your customers go digging for your location. Including your location on your landing page via an interactive map adds value instantly..  

Slide presentations

A landing page is an awesome way to provide content from a presentation you may have given at a conference.

You can create a landing page for a conference that includes your presentation on a thank you page for people who sign up for your list. The AWeber Smart Content element supports a number or slide show providers including SlideShare and SlideRocket.


How cool would it be to embed music into your AWeber landing page? Adding music or a playlist to a landing page is huge obviously if you are in the music or audio industry but think of all the other industries that could benefit.

Embed a Spotify playlist of workout tunes if you’re a trainer, productivity tunes if you teach about productivity, or calming lullabies if you have content for new moms. 

See how you an embed a playlist in seconds

The AWeber Smart Content feature lets you connect with your audience by providing music to help them with their goals or interests. The AWeber Smart Content widget lets you easily embed music by supporting music providers like Spotify, SoundCloud, RaveDJ, and Free Music Archive.

Landing page with a sound included in the landing page

Social content

Leverage the power of social media by embedding social media posts directly into your AWeber landing page. Share social proof from satisfied customers on supported social platforms. Now you can embed your Facebook Feed.  Post a single Instagram or IG post. After all, 74% of customers consider word-of-mouth to be essential to their purchasing decisions.

AWeber’s landing pages allow you to build a bridge to your social followers. When you embed posts, recommendations, comments, and other social images, you introduce people to your social content without directing them off your landing page.

Landing page with embedded Instagram post
Build a bridge between your social networks and your landing page


AWeber’s Smart Content feature allows you to embed video from leading providers: YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, UStream, Brightcove, and Twitch.tv.

Landing page with video

The AWeber Smart Content widget is an excellent way to repurpose video content you already created to increase engagement with people visiting your landing page. 

Blog content or articles

Blog posts are awesome for generating traffic, highlighting your expertise, and communicating with your audience. AWeber makes it super easy to embed your blog post or RSS feed into a landing page. 

Landing page with RSS feed embedded
Easily Embed your RSS feed into your landing page

AWeber’s Smart Content feature supports major content platforms like Medium, Chatnews, Scrabblog and national news platforms (ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News).

Embedded content elevates how you tell your story on your landing page 

You spend valuable time creating your unique and awesome content. AWeber helps you stand out and get noticed by making it super easy to add amazing content to your landing page.

Delight your audience with embedded videos, images, audio, and more. 

Creating unique written copy is not enough in today’s multi-media world. To tell your story effectively, you need to incorporate video, images, and audio to connect with people. 

Embed Video

Video is an incredible tool to tell your story in a compelling way that images and copy don’t always do. In fact, embedding video on your landing page can increase your conversion by 80%.

Depending on your blogging platform, you may already be familiar with adding video into your blogs by simply copying and pasting a link. Adding video to your AWeber landing page is just as easy. Simply drag over the Smart Content widget and enter your video URL — boom, you’re done. No more worrying about complicated HTML coding, just copy and paste your video URL.

Embed a YouTube video, or other video platform. In addition to YouTube, AWeber supports most of the major video providers, including Vimeo, Hulu, UStream, Brightcove, and Twitch.tv.

Embed Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Show your audience how fantastic your business is with an image or two using a content link from the platforms and providers you are already using.

Want to embed content from your Instagram photos or Google Maps?  Simply drag and drop the Smart Content widget and enter the link to your content. AWeber’s landing page Smart Content widget lets you embed almost anything into your AWeber landing page to create an engaging experience for our audience. 

AWeber supports most of the major image providers, including Instagram, Giphy, Canva, Flickr, Google Map, Google Data Studio and SlideShare.

Embed Audio

Let’s face it. Life would be pretty dull without our favorite music or podcasts. Now you can share whatever audio you want on your landing page to liven it up. 

AWeber lets you share your audio, podcasts, or music with your audience by entering a URL into the Smart Content widget. 

Audio providers supported with AWeber’s Smart Content widget include Spotify, Rdio, NPR, SoundCloud and Rave DJ.

Embed content into AWeber landing page templates in 2 simple steps

Transforming hyperlinks into rich texts is super easy using the Smart Content widget. There are just two easy steps.

Step one: Simply Drag and drop the Smart Content widget onto your landing page. 

Step two: Then input the URL into the hyperlink bar.


As you can see the hyperlink URL is instantly transformed into awesome rich text content that is more visually appealing. The Smart Content widget is super powerful and it supports over 700 popular sites.

“AWeber’s goal is to do 90% of the work for our customers. The Smart Content feature is so powerful that it does that just that,” says Content Product Manager Andrew Prawl. 

Let AWeber help you showcase your awesome landing page

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