Grow Your Business with Data Insights From Dasheroo + AWeber

Real business goals rely on real data.

Unfortunately, they’re not always the easiest thing to obtain, analyze and digest. Data typically exists in multiple reports or websites, and aggregating all of the metrics into one place can be tricky. As a small business owner, entrepreneur, or whatever your career path may entail, you probably have way too many spinning plates to get bogged down in the numbers.

However, the moment you neglect the metrics, you can start losing sight of your goals. If only there was an application that could pull it all together… (Spoiler alert: There is).

Delightful data insights for the modern marketer

Enter Dasheroo, the simplest way to capture all of your top marketing metrics in one easy-to-use dashboard. Now that Dasheroo integrates with AWeber, you can easily monitor your list growth, email engagement, bounce and unsubscribe rates, and get a list of recently sent emails alongside your other important marketing metrics. Having your AWeber stats displayed with your Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, eCommerce, and other custom insights allows you to do more than just track your goals – it helps to connect the dots that’ll help your business grow.

Dasheroo dashboard

Dasheroo’s insight displays can help marketers easily see the correlation between sent emails, social engagement, site traffic, and sales. When side-by-side, it’s apparent what social campaigns may have lead to a jump in email subscribers, and what emails aligned with increases in conversions. You can even create custom insights from feeds or Google Sheets, to leverage and display data from unconventional places.

Turning a Novel Idea into a Successful Project

Last April, I challenged myself to write my first novel in one year. I’ve never written a book before, but wrestled with the desire to do so for over a decade. Finally, I set this big ugly goal, with no plan or metrics to measure myself along the way. Big mistake.

I quickly discovered that without tangible metrics for success, I wouldn’t be able to grow my audience, track my writing progress, and ultimately complete the novel. After outlining milestones, I used Dasheroo to help me along my journey by setting up the following insights.

AWeber Email Marketing

I didn’t want to write my novel in a vacuum. My plan from the beginning was to build an audience and platform through email marketing using AWeber while I was writing, not after it was released. This required me to begin creating regular content on a new blog, and use contextual opt-in forms in my articles to attract subscribers. As the list began to grow, I became focused on improving my email engagement stats. Dasheroo insights can display the overall open and click rate on your emails, and the percentage of bounces and unsubscribes, which is key to gauging engagement.

I was also able to monitor recently sent broadcasts and total number of subscribers.

Dasheroo AWeber screenshot
Dasheroo AWeber screenshot 2

This information also comes in handy, as it reveals areas for you to make improvements and increase engagement. If you notice your open rate is fluctuating, for example, consider tweaking your send times and subject lines. Do emails sent in the early morning get a better open rate than emails sent late at night? Do your personalized subject lines perform better than those that aren’t? These are a few questions you can begin to ask yourself as you dig into the data and analytics.

Custom Charts

Aside from email stats, one of my favorite features within Dasheroo is their ability to display custom data from Google Sheets. Using this integration, I created two custom word count insights to keep track of my most important metrics. With these data points, I can see how many words I’ve written to date, how many words I have left, and my average word count per day. These stats help me see how much closer I’m getting to completing my novel.


If I can create a dashboard to measure the progress of my novel, think of all the awesome things you can do for your business. If you have a goal that can be represented in Google Sheets, you can easily create multiple custom insights to help you measure and achieve success.

For example, you can use this to track inventory of a physical item, track employee performance on a custom leaderboard or track daily events that happen in the physical world – like the amount of high fives your customers might give you each day! With this integration, the possibilities are truly endless.

Google Analytics

If you have a website, you are likely capturing a slew of metrics through Google Analytics. However, the Google Analytics interface can be difficult for novices to navigate. Using Dasheroo, I was able to connect my Google Analytics account to view various insights (e.g., top pages, total daily sessions) alongside my other data to track my blog’s progress.

With this data, you can begin to see how your email, social and content strategies all work together to yield results. And when you can look at it in one place, you can analyze trends and iterate on what works best.

Dasheroo dashboard
Dasheroo dashboard
Dasheroo dashboard

For example, using a Google Analytics insight, you might easily be able to identify that content published and promoted on a Tuesday performs significantly better than content published on a Thursday. Identifying top pages also helps you identify where users are flocking on your site, which can speak volumes about their interests and needs.

Facebook and Twitter

To continue building a platform for my project, I set up a Facebook Page. Dasheroo’s Facebook integration allows you to track a variety of metrics, including clicks, shares, likes, comments, total number of new fans and overall reach. Although my Facebook traffic is admittedly dismal at this time, this dashboard serves as a constant reminder to create and experiment with more engaging posts.

Since my novel is a bit of a hobby, I haven’t invested in any paid social efforts to expand my reach. If you are investing in Facebook’s paid options, these Dasheroo insights will be of much greater use for your brand or business.

Dasheroo dashboard

I purposefully didn’t create a separate Twitter account for my book project, but that didn’t stop me from syncing with my everyday Twitter account and taking advantage of some awesome charts. Dasheroo can pull in a graph of your follower growth, highest engaging tweets and much more. Seeing which tweets received the highest engagement in the past 30 days can have a strong impact on how you plan and create your Twitter content.

All the data, all the time.

I recently read a fantastic blog post by Michael Hyatt titled How to Jumpstart a Stuck Project. In the post, Michael writes, “If we don’t know where we’re headed, it’s impossible to know what it takes to to arrive.”

Whether you want to grow your subscriber list by 20 percent or increase your revenue by 1000 percent, the first step requires setting the goal.

Using a tool like Dasheroo can help you visualize your goals and progress. As an email marketing fanatic, I’m most excited to see my list growth alongside my Google Analytics, social stats and custom wordcount metrics. Checking all of these sources individually would be so time-consuming, and I probably would have given up by now.

So here’s my advice… set the goal, track the data and don’t give up.

Get started with Dasheroo + AWeber and continue to grow your business and hit your goals.