Holiday Email Marketing Calendar

News and current happenings are a great place to get ideas for your email newsletter content (that’s why they call it a newsletter, right? ;))

Subscribing to other newsletters in your industry (whether by email or RSS) is helpful, but it’s also useful to keep up with other events outside your industry that may affect your subscribers.

Holidays are a great example of this — they affect our work and vacation schedules, our purchasing habits, our interactions with friends and family, and many other areas of our lives. Why not acknowledge them and incorporate them into your email marketing campaigns?

To help, we’ve set up a calendar of common (and not so common) holidays that you can use as a springboard for email newsletter content.

Check The Calendar For Upcoming Holidays

See what occasions are around the corner — you just might find one that you can tie into your email marketing campaigns!

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Missing Any Holidays?

If you know of a holiday that we’re missing, email us with information on it — what it’s about (Wikipedia can be a big help there), when it is, etc. Thanks!