1. Leonardo LaVito @ LargerList.com

    5/16/2016 9:26 pm

    Thanks for sharing these tips! 🙂

    I personally use Yoast SEO for WordPress as well, to handle my metadata. I like that it also handles your Twitter cards.

    Though I know a lot of websites don’t pay much attention to metadata.

    It’s good that the problem Curate highlights this critical point though, because if your content isn’t optimizing the metadata, you’re losing out on a lot when people try to share you content to places like Facebook.

  2. Grace Stoeckle

    5/31/2016 9:13 am

    Hi Leonardo! Thanks for reading and commenting. In my experience you’re correct that most websites don’t pay much attention to metadata but I think that will start to change. Being shared, or curated, is common now, and digital marketers will catch on fast to the value of strategic metadata. Like you said: no one wants to lose out on that kind of traffic!