Quick Tips Video: 4 Easy Tricks to Grow Your List

Whether you’re new to email marketing or you’re an email marketing champ, gaining more subscribers should always be on the top of your to-do list. But how?

There are lots of ways you can grow your list, but we’ve narrowed it down to four easy tricks you can put to work today. Check out our latest episode of Quick Tips now:

And just in case you missed something, here’s the full video transcript:

Olivia (O): Hey, I’m Olivia.

Monica (M): And I’m Monica, and welcome to another episode of AWeber Quick Tips!

O: If you’re just getting started with email marketing, you may be stumped trying to figure out the best – and easiest – way to grow your email list. There are a number of tactics you can use to boost your subscribers, and we’re going to take a look at four specific tricks you can implement today.

M: Let’s get started, shall we?

O: Tip #1: Make the most of your sign up forms

M: Your sign up forms should clearly inform your website visitors of the value of your emails. So if you’re sending a weekly newsletter or updates about special promotions, be sure to tell them!

O: Your pop up form should also be easy to find – add it to the sidebar of your website and appropriate landing pages. And while you’re at it, consider a lightbox popup form.

M: Really?

O: Yep, despite their bad rep, they can actually help you collect hundreds, or even thousands, of new subscribers.


M: Tip #2 Run a contest

O: People love to win prizes – I know I do! And hosting a contest can be a great way to collect new subscribers. Tools like Heyo and Contest Domination make contests easy to set up – and they integrate directly with AWeber.

M: And of course, don’t forget to promote your contest like crazy on social media and your website so more people see it.

O: Tip #3 Incentivize new subscribers

M: Who doesn’t want free stuff? Encourage people to sign up to your list by giving away a freebie item and feature it on your sign up form.

O: If you’re a foodie, share an eBook of recipes created exclusively for your email list.

M: Designers and bloggers can create a printout, like stationery or a checklist, to help readers with their next project.

O: You get the idea. Be creative, and give stuff away that people actually want!

M: Tip #4 Add new subscribers on the go

O: You never know where you’ll meet someone interested in your services, so adding new subscribers on the go is crucial for any small business owner.

M: Download a mobile email sign up app to your phone or tablet…

O: (like AWeber’s Atom app, for example *wink*)

M: …So you can add new subscribers at any time, anywhere.

O: That’s it for today – Have other ideas for growing your subscribers? Tweet us at @aweber. And be sure to sign up for the AWeber blog for more marketing tips!

M: Thanks for joining us and check back in two weeks for the next AWeber Quick Tips!


  1. Andy

    4/29/2015 1:47 pm

    You need to slow down a little. Watching (listening) to this video makes me feel like you are in a race of some sort.

  2. Mike

    4/29/2015 2:59 pm

    Ha ha, Andy.
    I think they just want to be concise and keep it to two minutes to encourage people to watch and stay until the end without being boring. I think it’s fine and there’s even a transcript of the video 🙂 The only thing that would tie it up in a nice bow would be a recap list of all four tips, but that would take longer of course.
    All good stuff. Thanks!

  3. Jaye Carden

    4/30/2015 1:56 am

    I think these videos are well put together and bring a lot of value and ideas. Any tips you put out I am always open to hearing, I never know what I may learn.

  4. NilTune

    5/1/2015 2:14 pm

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  5. Stuart

    5/4/2015 8:57 am

    Besides the Heyo and Contest Domination, AppSumo has a Giveaway plugin for WordPress that I used to grow a list of 850 people from scratch pretty easily. It’s cool because it makes it more viral, giving people more entries if they encourage others to join the contest/list.

  6. Rohit Singh

    5/13/2015 7:33 am

    I think that aweber is the best email list building software on the internet and many bloggers are using aweber and the conversion is very good and I am going to use it very soon on both of my blog