New Email Addresses In The Netherlands

Netherlands email addresses changed on Wednesday (announcement here).

Any email addresses ending in or have ceased to exist. Emails sent to them will bounce.

So What Should I Do About It?

Regarding the Netherlands email addresses, if you’re an AWeber customer, you don’t need to do a thing. We’ve already cleared these addresses off your subscriber lists. This prevents your emails to these addresses from bouncing, keeping your deliverability high.

While we do know that new addresses will end in, we have no way to predict what each user will choose as the front end of their address (not only do people frequently change their email addresses, but the owner of may find that is already taken). Therefore, we have no way to automatically re-add these subscribers to your lists.

However, it’s likely they’ve already done so themselves. Owners of these email addresses have gotten notifications from their email service on any emails you’ve recently sent, asking them to update their addresses with you.

Beyond that, there is something you can do to keep your deliverability high in general.

Keep Your List of Subscribers “Clean”

Like a cluttered floor or cluttered chakras, a cluttered subscriber list can bring you down. If it’s full of subscribers who either don’t check the address you’re sending to or don’t read your emails anymore, the programmed filters of email services (such as Gmail) are going to detect this.

If their users appear not to want your emails, the email services aren’t going to deliver them.

There are two ways to make sure your emails are going to subscribers who want them.

Email Your Subscribers Regularly

We recommend sending a message at least once a month. Even if nothing’s changed and you haven’t launched any new products, you can still send something helpful or entertaining. This may even be better anyway, since it builds more value into what they’re getting from your brand.

To make sure you’re publishing regularly, keep an editorial calendar, check it regularly, and stick to it.

This regular communication keep your readers engaged with your brand. It also lets you track whether the addresses on your list are responsive or not.

Every So Often, Run A Reactivation Campaign

This basically entails asking your subscribers if they still want your emails. If they don’t respond, you unsubscribe them so you’re not weighing your list down with dead weight. We recommend reactivating your list yearly, though if your list is enormous, you may want to do it more often.

The details on how to run this campaign step-by-step are listed out in this guide.

As always, if you have any questions on keeping your list clean, ask us below or email us; we’ll be happy to help.