Labor Day Emails We Love

Labor Day is just around the corner. 

Even though people won’t be in the office, they’ll still be in their inbox: People check their email on holidays just as frequently as any other Monday. And there’s less inbox competition since brands send 40 percent less emails on holidays than on an average workday.

But don’t work too hard creating an awesome Labor Day email for your audience. Instead, use the examples below as inspiration. Kelsey Paone, an AWeber Web Designer, compiled a collection of some of the best Labor Day emails she’s seen and explains why they work. 

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Brit & Co.


Why it works:

This Labor Day email is balanced and organized. The animation is eye-catching, content centered and straight to the point. This email has all the right elements to get readers to click.

(Like the watermelon GIF above? We made one for you, too. And it’s free! Use it — and these other summer GIFs — before autumn hits.)



Why it works:

Labor Day and BBQ’s will never go out of style, and neither will this email. Bold headline, simple copy, the play on words, and fun illustration are just a few things I love about this email.



Why it works:

This Labor Day email has a powerful headline and a simple call-to-action (“shop sale”). The only thing to do is click.



Why it works:

Animated emails are always eye-catching and, in my experience, always perform better.

Ron Herman


Why it works:

This email first caught my eye because of its colorful, vibrant imagery. But I also like the simplicity of the content. It’s not overly-promotional, which can be a trend around the holidays as people rush to tell you about their sales. A nice break from the norm.



Why it works:

I like this email because it plays off the old ‘no white after Labor Day’ myth. It’s another example that proves you don’t have to be flashy or overly promotional. It’s just a simple, well-designed email.

Even more ideas:

  • Use an eye-catching subject line that includes your discount or promo code.
  • Create a sense of urgency (“last call,” “flash sale,” “24 hours only,” etc.). (Plus, try these 8 email copywriting techniques.)
  • Get creative with personalization and segmentation.
  • Keep your emails limited to one design or content theme.
  • Get social with sharing links or user-generated content.
  • Optimize your emails for mobile.

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