Do Your Emails Contain R.O.T.?

Have you ever read an email that was truly disappointing? Maybe the content was stale or it was full of tidbits of information you have already read a handful of times elsewhere?

That’s called R.O.T., according to Jill Fanslau, AWeber’s Content Marketing Manager. 

“R.O.T. is redundant, outdated, or trivial information,” said Fanslau on a recent episode of SEMRush’s Marketing Scoop podcast.

R.O.T. is content someone could easily find on Google. It’s information that’s not useful to your reader or leaves them unsatisfied, according to Fanslau. It leaves a sour taste in their mouth — and leaves them wondering why they joined your email list in the first place.

“All it takes is one dull email for a subscriber to bounce off your list,” she said. 

So how do you avoid sending “R.O.T.?”

Every email is an opportunity to build a relationship, so “focus on providing value and education to your readers,” she said.

You don’t need to write a novel. You could even just provide a quick, actionable tip that they can implement right away. If you aim to improve your readers’ lives — even in the smallest ways — and teach them something new, you’ll never send R.O.T., said Fanslau. “Do that, and you’ll undoubtedly stand out in your readers’ inboxes and see returns on your products or services at the end of the day.”  

For more tips on providing valuable, must-open content to your readers, listen to Fanslau’s advice on the Marketing Scoop Podcast, episode 2.33 (What Works Best for Email Marketing Now?). Or, listen on your favorite podcasting apps like Stitcher or Spotify.

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