1. Marge Brown

    3/14/2019 3:04 pm

    Excellent suggestions! Keep sharing your great content!

  2. Vashishtha kapoor

    3/20/2019 10:13 am

    Very interesting and creative ideas. I used to create, design and craft the emailers earlier. But I am going to try of sending out tweets and social campaigns through email marketing.
    Sending video link also compensates with writing long sales pitch emails.

  3. Samrat Biswajit

    3/22/2019 1:09 pm

    Wow, that’s gem of a post. Very innovative and excellent ideas. We are going to adopt that into our email strategy soon!

  4. Mike

    3/25/2019 1:05 am

    With all of the different mediums (video, images, infographics etc) it makes it much easier to come up with something when your brain is empty.

    I like a lot of your suggestions, specifically number 18, plans or steps. If you can break a piece of writing down to a number of components then it is much easier to write on each of those individual components.

  5. Earnest Wells

    12/25/2020 10:33 am

    Very good stuff.