1. tutu helper

    3/25/2017 1:29 pm

    I am getting very low user engagement, this article seems good. I will follow these things to increase my users’ engagements. Thanks for sharing the article.

  2. Shalamova

    3/27/2017 5:22 am

    I will Try This Process And I will Hope This Will Help ME tO engage the people.
    Great Thanks For Sharing

  3. Amy Starr Allen

    8/7/2020 4:51 pm

    Is there an easy way to segment subscribers who open my emails? I send to 96 lists all at once, but would like to create a separate list for the ones who open them. Is this possible?

  4. Brandon Olson

    8/10/2020 1:06 pm

    Hi Amy. You can create segments of subscribers who open your emails from the primary list you send from (not the additional lists you include when you send). That being said, when you create a segment on one list and include other lists when sending, the criteria for that segment will be applied to the other lists you include.

    Instead of creating new lists for new segments, I recommend putting all of your subscribers into a single list and creating segments within that single list using tags or other criteria. This will save you a lot of time when creating segments and sending your emails, improve your sender reputation (i.e., your ability to reach your subscribers’ inboxes), and much more.

    We’ve asked someone from our Customer Solutions team to reach out to you to help. If you don’t hear from them, please reach out at https://www.aweber.com/contact-us.htm.

  5. Rodney Harrier

    8/8/2020 6:42 am

    I have a one-year daily chronological Bible studies site. How do I segment or tag subscribers who have reached a certain milestone by clicking through a number of emails?

  6. Brandon Olson

    8/10/2020 1:08 pm

    Hi Rodney. Unfortunately, you can’t search by the number of emails someone has opened or links they’ve clicked. You can search by a specific email they opened or link they clicked, or if they’ve had any opens or any clicks within a period of time.