11 Email Marketing Ideas for Wineries

10 Email Marketing Ideas for WineriesIdyllic days in the sunshine. Ruby liquid in sparkling glasses. Merry picnickers and live music.

It’s these moments – drinking your wines and visiting your vineyards – that your customers remember. But even the best memories can fade.

Email marketing can remind your customers what they’re missing. It can invite your visitors back. It can inspire your fans to go buy that favorite bottle again.

Once you build up a solid list of subscribers, you’ll need some creative ideas to spark your customers’ memories and bring them back for more.

Pairings and Recipes

If your chardonnay sparkles with scallops, let your customers know. Pair your wines with complementary dishes and share the recipes.

If your Burgundy is excellent in beef stew, share that, too. Original recipes for dishes cooked with your wines are even more valuable. If you have an online store, make sure to link up the wines.

Seasonal Gifts

People are always searching for unique gifts. Show them what you have to offer, whether it’s festively wrapped wines for the holidays, wine and chocolate sets for Valentine’s Day or picnic baskets for Mothers’ Day.

Fun Facts

Identify wine myths vs. facts. Quote some trivia your readers will want to quote themselves. Feature a rotating glossary of wine-making terms.

Your customers may not know why racking wine does not mean putting bottles into wine racks. Tell them why. Give them more than just discounts – give them an education. With insider information, they’ll feel good about themselves and grateful to you.

New Merchandise

Giddy tasters and frequent visitors alike bring home the winery experience with glass charms, drunken olives and other goodies. If you add a new must-have item, email your list – they’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it next time they visit.

Video Footage

Videos show off your winery even when your doors are closed. They also let you share more content than the typical email can hold.

Use video for educational demonstrations, “meet our team” introductions and sweeping panoramas of your estate that call visitors back. Post them to YouTube and link to them with a clickable screenshots in your emails.)

New Releases

Stir up some excitement! Introduce new vintages with fanfare. Tell your subscribers where they can find the new wine, and let them know that you can’t wait for their reaction!

Special Discounts

As faithful readers of your content and proclaimed fans of your winery, your subscribers might deserve a little extra once in awhile. Reward subscribers (and keep them coming in) with email-exclusive discounts and offers.


Live music performances, tastings, tours of your production area, grape stomping festivals, wine education classes with guest speakers – if you host these, get the word out!

Send an invitation to your subscribers early enough for them to plan ahead, but not so early that they forget!

Rate Your Wines

Your wines may win regional awards, but aside from recognizing this as a mark of quality, customers may not have much reaction. Instead of telling them someone else’s opinion, ask theirs.

Have visitors to your tasting room rate your wines. Periodically invite your readers to send ratings to your “from” address. Announce the winners in an email that subscribers will check to see – Did their favorite win?


If you offer wine education classes on-site, make sure to invite your local subscribers (try segmenting by location). Summarize the best points from the class afterward so the rest of your list can benefit as well.


Don’t forget pictures! Ambiance is an important part of the wine lifestyle, so extend yours to your newsletter.

Show the grapes being crushed, the wine being bottled. Feature your winemakers, bartenders and grape pickers – give your readers faces to recognize when they visit.

Don’t forget to watch out for minors! Make age a required field on your sign-up form. Marketing to those under-age could result in fines.

For more information on email marketing for wineries, view our complete Email Marketing for Wineries Guide.

Your Award Winning Ideas

As a winery, what content do you send your subscribers? Do they respond? Do they mention your messages when they visit?

These ideas can easily translate to other businesses. Hotels and restaurants can use images for ambiance. Fitness bloggers can highlight fun facts. Galleries can announce new shows.

What kinds of content can you create from these ideas?


  1. Courtenay Pitcher

    6/10/2010 1:06 pm

    A lot of the Okanagan wineries here in the Interior of British Columbia will appreciate these great suggestions.

  2. Peter O'Rourke

    6/10/2010 3:36 pm

    Fantastic article! More like this please. Anyone in any market sector can take ideas like this and change them to suit their own requirements. Now, how do you sell snow to them what already have plenty? 😉

  3. Teena

    6/10/2010 7:29 pm

    Excellent tips for wineries!

    I’d really like to see a whole series of these :

    "11 Email Marketing Ideas for …" for a whole host of industries and niches.

    And I love the way you’ve presented the ideas on this page with the gorgeous images to evoke emotions in the readers – well done!

    Yet again another great tip from Aweber – thanks everyone!

  4. Amanda Gagnon

    6/11/2010 8:36 am

    Teena ~ We like that idea, too! We’ll keep putting out more, and in the meantime, here are tips we’ve already come up with for a few other industries:

    Event Planning

    Real Estate
    Garden Centers

    Peter ~ We’d recommend stressing the quality of your particular brand of snow. 🙂

  5. Michelle Howard

    6/11/2010 10:03 am

    Thank you for these tips. I’m actually getting ideas for how I can use some of them for my skin care business.

  6. Amanda Gagnon

    6/14/2010 8:28 am

    Michelle ~ That’s great! After you try them, let us know what you did and how it worked!

  7. Angela

    6/21/2010 10:07 pm

    Thanks for these tips.

  8. Thomas Leonard

    6/22/2010 2:37 am

    Funny that I get this now as I am launching a winery social site this summer.

    Like Teena said and I agree, "11 Email Marketing Ideas for ?" for a whole host of industries and niches." Easily done and thank you.

    This is a must read for most anyone in business.

  9. Lucy

    7/12/2010 3:27 am

    There’s another important tip for email marketing – a prominent call to action that will encourage your email subscribers to act in the way you want them to act, e.g. "click here to enjoy this offer" encourages them to click through to a shopping basket, or signing up to receive more offers.

  10. Jamie

    12/20/2012 1:53 am

    Good clean articles. Keep it simple. Very nicely explained on how wineries need to send their newsletters.