1. Ankur Jain

    8/25/2016 8:58 am

    if we are sending broadcasts after a long gap, we remind subscribers why they are getting this email and provide them easy links to unsubscribe. This keeps our spam rate almost zero.

    Another thing is we periodically show an illustration (gif) on how to move mail from promotion to primary tab in Gmail.

    All these little things addup to give them a great subscriber experience.

  2. Mian Haseeb

    8/25/2016 9:29 am

    i like your blogs and website its really cool bro

  3. tv9live

    8/29/2016 12:30 am

    this topic is different and usefull for people like me who visit the website for information.

  4. abnlive

    8/29/2016 12:30 am

    great to come to your site as the information shared is good and is explained in simple words.

  5. Mohammed Ahmed

    8/29/2016 11:46 am

    Ankur : Thanks for your comments and it is a good suggestion. I would like to add a couple of pointers here. If you are sending mail after a long gap, remind these subscribers like where they opt-in to get their mail and when. If helps a subscriber to recollect like where they subscriber to get that mail. On Gmail, if you are sending promotional mail, then let it stay in promotional folder. Gmail setup that folder for a reason. Trying to get higher click and opens is a good idea but it also generate higher complaint rate if a subscriber is not looking for a piece of mail.

    Mian Haseeb, Tv9live and Abnlive: Thanks for your comments and let me know if you want to get more info via these blogs. I am glad that you like my this blogpost.