Digital Marketing News: August 2015

Get the top digital marketing stories of August 2015.

This was a big month for the digital marketing world. Here are our favorite stories that had everyone talking.

A is for August, and Alphabet

Earlier this month, Google caught everyone off guard when it announced the release of its new parent company, Alphabet (aka the next phase in their plan of world domination). In a nutshell, it means that Google and other projects such as Google X lab, are now sub-companies that fall under it. Naturally, everyone freaked out, and snarky comments and Alphabet jokes ensued. Read more.

Twitter raises the roof… on character limits

Love sending direct messages to fellow Tweeters, but hate limiting your messages to 140 characters? Well it’s time to do your happy dance, because Twitter completely removed the character limit. Read more.

Periscope hits a big milestone

On August 2, Periscope surpassed the 10 million user mark. While you’ll find varying opinions over whether or not brands should use the popular live video streaming app, it is making itself a worthy candidate in the elite social app-isphere. Maybe it’s worth a consideration? Read more.

Facebook’s “Notes” make a comeback

Talk about a #FlashbackFriday. In case you joined Facebook A.N. (After Notes), Notes is a feature that allows users to share longer pieces of content, such as a blog post, sappy public love letter or an epic rant. Although Facebook put Notes on the backburner to pursue other initiatives like Stickers and Messages, they decided to bring it back to life. Read more.

The only time when “Buffer” & “Video” in a sentence is a good thing

If you use Buffer and love video marketing, you’re in luck: the social media management platform announced customers can now upload and share videos to their favorite social sites. Read more.


The red, white and emoji

Swiftkey published an interactive map that displays the most popular emojis by state throughout the US. While it’s certainly interesting insight if you use emojis in your emails, it’s also just a really cool map. Read more.

Proof that cute dogs get people to notice your brand

Amazon may be a giant corporation, but the takeaway is the same for all: Publish a commercial featuring someone helping a cute little dog, and you’ll get all the attention. Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t work for every brand, but it’s cute and I like it. Watch the video.

Were there any other digital marketing news stories you couldn’t stop talking about this month? Share them in the comments below!


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    8/21/2015 10:40 am

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