Case Study: Targeted Emails Bring in 20% More Clicks

By now you’ve probably heard how important it is to provide relevant content to your audience. AWeber makes it easy to send more relevant, targeted emails with the segmenting feature.

Segmenting allows you to send an email to a specific group in your list that shares certain criteria like location and interests.

As more and more business owners make an effort to send targeted emails, I’ve started to hear about the success they’ve had with this tool. Today, I’ll share one of those success stories.

The Story of KV Organics

Lacey Swartz runs KV Organics, where she offers consulting and products for the health-conscious. Visitors to her website can sign up for her twice-monthly online magazine, and she also keeps subscribers updated about events.

Lacey uses the segmenting feature frequently. “I particularly use it to send reminder emails to people for regular repeating live events, segmenting them according to which date they registered for and whether or not they’ve attended yet,” she says. She’ll also segment based on location and whether or not a particular message has been opened.

Besides sharing more relevant information, is there an incentive to send targeted emails? Based on Lacey’s experience, there definitely seems to be.

Lacey’s targeted emails get 20% more clicks than her non-targeted emails.

Given how busy people are and how many emails are sent each day, it’s no wonder that people appreciate and read emails that cater to them.

If you’re interested in learning how to segment in AWeber, check out our free guide.

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