Affiliate Tip: Sean Does Ads, Links, & the AWeber Test Drive

Issue VII

AWeber affiliates want more affiliate tips! And Sean Cohen, our Customer Service Manager, explains the value of banner ads, text links, and the AWeber test drive:

Sean Does Ads, Links, & The AWeber Test Drive

Sean Cohen is Customer Service Manager. Today, he explains the importance of text links, testimonials, and the AWeber test drive. Sean says:

    “Text links pull *much* better than banners, but there are several other key things to keep in mind when using

    A text link with a personal recommendation pulls even better. These have to be “personal,” not pre-written recommendations given to all affiliates by the company. I encourage all of our affiliates to use this strategy, but many simply take the easy way out and post banners. But, the affiliates who do post personal recommendations are the ones who make the most sales!

    Another effective technique is using test drive web form. We provide our affiliates with some pre-written HTML to post on their sites that creates a simple web form. Their visitors see the recommendation, type in their names and email addresses, and receive an autoresponse from AWeber. They then receive a series of pre-written automated follow up messages that we’ve developed to promote the AWeber system.

    All of this can happen without that visitor leaving the affiliate’s website. This allows the affiliate to keep traffic on his or her site and still generate revenue from our program.

    The web form is very effective, and these leads generally have a great order ratio. For every 8 leads who sign up for the AWeber test drive, 1 will order the service!”

Put Sean’s comments to use in your own affiliate campaign! First, use some of the short text links in the 2nd Affiliate tip.

Then, choose a test drive web form for your site:

  • Login to your Affiliate Control Panel by entering your Affiliate ID number and password at the main AWeber page.
  • Click the “Let the System Sell Itself” link under the “AWeber Test Drive” title. This will bring up a page titled “Offer Your Prospects the AWeber Test Drive.”
  • Follow the instructions on that page.

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