Affiliate Tip: Successful Signature Ads

Issue II

E-mail signature ads reap traffic where once there was none. Other affiliates use these ads — do you? AWeber Communications, Inc. Affiliate Hubert Flowers, of Hayesville, North Carolina does! Hubert writes:

Do you have something similar to the ad below that has

been used successfully in e-mail signatures?

Of course we do, Hubert! In fact, this AWeber Communications, Inc. Affiliate Tip is all about signature ads…

Free Ad Space! Your E-Mail Signature

You’ve can promote your affiliate programs using everything from opt-in e-mail to your own web site. But, don’t overlook free ad space that’s right under your nose!

Consider adding a small affiliate ad to the signature area of each personal e-mail you send out. Many successful marketers report that this a great way to supplement their advertising efforts!

Here’s how it works: No matter what program you use to send e-mail, chances are that it lets you set up a “signature file.” The program will append your signature file to the bottom of each message you send. (You may already be using this feature to sign each e-mail you send out with your name and contact information.)

Simply add a short affiliate ad below your standard signature. Then, each message that you send out will include your affiliate ad. Check your e-mail program for specific signature setup instructions.

More Free Ad Space! Your Newsgroup Signature

Newsgroups and message boards are another great place to use signature ads. Check each group’s rules to make sure that signature ads are allowed. Then, make your relevant posting, sign it, and attach your signature ad below.

Your ad should have something to do with the subject of the newsgroup. For instance, the members of a newsgroup geared towards small business owners may be interested in an ad reading:

Stop wasting time following up with
prospects! Let AWeber do it for you!

However, members of a newsgroup geared towards football fans will not be so interested.

Signature ads are usually acceptable in newsgroups, but not always. Check each newsgroup’s rules before including a signature ad in your post.

Nuts and Bolts – Using a Signature Ad

Signature ads get results when used correctly. Make sure that your ad is easy to understand, and grammatically correct. Spell check it. Don’t add special characters to the ad, since some e-mail programs will display them incorrectly, especially if your message is forwarded.

Choose an ad that the people you e-mail every day will be particularly interested in. This will help you to target your audience, and therefore get a better response rate.

For example, suppose that you are an e-zine publisher. You’ve recently run an article covering mailing lists, and are getting many comments from your readers. At the end of your response to each comment, include your signature and a relevant ad, like this one:


Pete Publisher
Pete’s E-Zine

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FREE Sample Signature Ads

Ready to add signature ads to your bag of affiliate tricks? Start with one of the samples below. Replace “YOUR-ID” with your AWeber Communications, Inc. affiliate ID. Keep the rest of the URL intact, including the forward slash and question mark.

URL as it appears in the ads below:

URL as it should appear for the affiliate whose ID is 00000:

    Unlimited Autoresponders & Newsletters
    99.34% email delivered. Free support.

    Email Templates, Autoresponders & Newsletters
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    Newsletter Delivery for Less! AWeber offers undeliverable
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(The sample ads above may only be used to promote products or services offered by AWeber Communications.)

A Note About Spam

Any time you advertise using e-mail, make sure that you aren’t spamming. The methods described here involve adding a small ad to individual, personal e-mails that you’d be sending out anyway. We’re not talking about sending messages that consist of nothing but an ad to many people at once – that’s spamming. While e-mail signature ads are a well-accepted practice, spamming is not.

Be careful to avoid spamming in newsgroups, too. Read the rules applying to each newsgroup or message board that you post to. Some have very specific criteria for acceptable signature files, and some don’t allow them at all! Your postings must always be on topic, and genuinely contribute to the group.

As always, AWeber is enforcing its zero tolerance anti-spamming policy. If you use spam to promote AWeber, then your affiliate membership will be cancelled. For more information about policies on spam, check the
Spamming FAQ.

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