Reports: Gmail No Longer Blocking Images, Yahoo Still Down

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Your email subscribers who use Gmail will soon see all of your images, without having to “turn them on” (though they can opt to turn them off).

For you, this means 2 things:

  1. Your images, seen by more subscribers, will have more of the aesthetic and informative effects you intend.
  2. Your reports may show more subscribers opening your emails. Since opens are recorded when images display, you’ll now be able to see opens from Gmail subscribers who weren’t previously loading your images. More detailed user information will be hidden for privacy, but seeing correct open rates is likely to benefit a far wider pool of email marketers.

The full report is here.

While you’re at it, learn more about using images in your emails.

Yahoo’s Outage

In other news, Yahoo has been experiencing a partial email outage which may impact some of your subscribers.

The outage could account for any low engagement you’re seeing from Yahoo users on your lists.

To stay informed about the outage, see what Yahoo’s saying here.


Monday, Jan 16. Yahoo announced that access is restored and missing emails are in the process of being recovered. Details here.

Tuesday, Jan 17. The summary of what Gmail’s image-showing update means for marketing has been published here.