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Stay Ahead of Industry News with AWeber’s “A History of Email Changes” Website

Posted by Kristen Dunleavy on 09/15/2014

The first email ever sent was from programmer Ray Tomlinson to himself in 1971. Its contents? “QWERTYUIOP.” Yep, the message that changed the future of communication was a line of jibberish sent between two computers sitting next to each other on a shared network. Crazy, huh? We’ve certainly come a long way since then. Technology […]

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A 5-Point Inspection On Email Deliverability

Posted by Brandon Olson on 05/07/2014

Deliverability is the name of the game when it comes to email marketing. It’s the first step to a successful email campaign. Without it, your emails are like a red hot Ferrari without the engine. Most email marketing providers offer some great features, like mobile responsive email templates, customizable signup forms and autoresponders, which are […]

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Plain Text vs HTML Email: What Reaches the Inbox in 2014?

Posted by Justin Premick on 04/22/2014

We’ve heard it all over the place: “I send plain text emails because HTML emails get filtered into the spam folder.” But is the belief that plain text emails get better email deliverability than HTML ones rooted in reality? We sat down with our Director of Deliverability, Mohammed Ahmed, to find out. The answer, it […]

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Want to Get Your Emails Delivered? Fix This Today

Posted by Justin Premick on 04/08/2014

When you send your email campaigns, what email address do your subscribers send replies to? If you said, “my Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL/Gmail address,” I have some unpleasant news for you: You’re hurting your email deliverability. And after what just happened at Yahoo, you’ll want to fix that, and fast. Why Some of You Keep Putting Your Email […]

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Yahoo’s New “Not My Email” Option

Posted by Rachel Acquaviva on 10/03/2013

As you may remember, Yahoo recently closed email accounts that had been inactive for 12 months and then released them to the public to be used again. At the time, Yahoo took several precautions to maintain user privacy, including sending 30 days of messages notifying the owner that their account would be closed and recycled, […]

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Get Your Emails Delivered (A Guide)

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/30/2013

Mr. Email Marketer is hard at work at his desk, firing off emails. He’s doing a great job – he’s got link tracking set up and alt text in place – and he’s feeling kind of sassy. He’s been pleased by a recent upsurge in clicks through to his site, but today as he keeps […]

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Updated: Yahoo Releasing Email Addresses Monday, July 15

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/08/2013

In the next 7 days, all email campaigns need to take this step. Yahoo accounts are closing – specifically, those that haven’t been logged into in 12 months will close. Shortly thereafter, they will be released for the public to claim. Some Of These Addresses May Be On Your Lists Since this post was originally […]

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The 5 Factors That Most Influence Your Sender Reputation

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 12/13/2012

It’s the holiday season, which means you’re busy crafting the perfect emails in hopes to drive up sales. But what if your emails don’t make it to the inbox? Deliverability concerns often get pushed aside, but Return Path reported that 20% of legitimate, non-spam emails will never reach the inbox. You want to avoid being […]

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New Email Addresses In The Netherlands

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 08/06/2012

Netherlands email addresses changed on Wednesday (announcement here). Any email addresses ending in or have ceased to exist. Emails sent to them will bounce. So What Should I Do About It? Regarding the Netherlands email addresses, if you’re an AWeber customer, you don’t need to do a thing. We’ve already cleared these addresses […]

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Whitelisting Instructions You Can Link To!

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 06/11/2012

Gmail has the Priority Inbox. Yahoo uses special filters. And Hotmail has filters and features that help its customers manage “graymail” – opt-in marketing emails and newsletters that fill up customers’ inboxes. With filters everywhere, how can you make sure your emails reach your customers’ inboxes? Getting subscribers to whitelist you is an important part […]

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