The Marketers Toolkit: 9 Digital Services You Need To Succeed

Need help with things like SEO, managing social media and creating effective landing pages? Check out these must-have digital marketing tools that’ll make growing your business online a breeze.

Email is a critical part of your marketing and sales lifecycle, but it’s only one piece of the bigger digital marketing puzzle. You still need a website, landing pages, compelling content, traffic-driving campaigns, testing tools and analytics to be successful.

While there’s no magic service that rolls all of those elements together, here’s the next best thing: AWeber is part of a new digital marketing toolkit featuring nine of the best services in those areas. Plus, the toolkit includes exclusive discounts to get you started.

The Best Tools To Optimize Your Digital Marketing

Along with AWeber (an easy-to-use solution to power your email marketing endeavors), the Marketer’s Toolkit includes some of our SaaS-iest (see what we did there?) digital peeps.

Here’s the low-down on our eight partners and what they can do for you:

1. Hootsuite

This popular tool helps you manage social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, schedule messages, engage your audiences and measure your social media ROI. If you’re still not convinced social media is worth your time, check out how PureMatter used Hootsuite to close a $1 million deal and increase sales by 15 percent.

2. Hubspot

The leading software platform for inbound marketing and sales, HubSpot helps increase your company’s online visibility, generate more leads, and convert more visitors to customers. Better still, they complement the service with a steady stream of educational content and resources, from their outstanding blogs to a whole site section packed with customer success stories.

3. KISSmetrics

You need customer insights and analytics to grow your business, period. Why? Because it’s good to know what your prospects and customers are doing on your site, where they’re having problems and anything else that might prevent them from making a purchase. Those kinds of insights helped social tool Buffer add $25,000 in revenue in one month. For more digital marketing (and even email optimization) insights and tactics, don’t forget to check out the KISSmetrics blog.

4. Moz

If you don’t know Moz, you’re missing out. Originally focused on SEO (and formerly known as SEOMoz), the company now offers a broader toolset that encompasses SEO, social, content, link building and local listings. You can even gain access to the “Moz Community,” where customers can interact with and help one another become better online marketers. It’s also a prime example of how connecting your clients and fans cultivates a passionate, loyal community — online and offline.

5. Optimizely

With one of the fastest-growing optimization platforms for websites and mobile apps, you can significantly improve your marketing tests. Let’s say you need to increase leads. Maybe you’d test different testimonial layouts on your webpage, and get a 69 percent increase in conversions, like ComScore did. If your goal is to increase results with A/B or multivariate testing, now you know where to start. In addition to a blog section devoted to case studies, the Optimizely Academy teaches marketers at any skill level about optimization.

6. Unbounce

The catalyst and driving force behind this toolkit, our friends at Unbounce have a powerful and straightforward value proposition: Build, publish and A/B test landing pages without IT. How it works: Pick a mobile-responsive landing page from their extensive collection, customize with your content, publish, test, analyze and optimize. Add your Unbounce leads right to your AWeber account. Learn a ton from the Unbounce blog, plus guides, Unwebinars and more. Dominate, rinse, repeat.

7. Wistia

When it comes to video hosting for marketers, Wistia goes beyond just the hosting part of the equation. Not only can you upload and customize your video to match your website design, review analytics, and even grow your email audience, Wistia also makes an outstanding effort to support and educate clients. And best of all, the Wistia crew also knows how to have fun, which is what you want from your partners.

8. WordStream

If you thought paid search was out of reach, or you’ve been shopping around for a provider that makes PPC campaign management easier, you should get to know the team at WordStream. They put the tools for optimizing PPC campaigns together with the educational resources like PPC University and an active blog to help you improve ROI with this critical traffic-driving channel.

The Next Move Is Yours

Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level?

Whether you need only one of these power tools or the full collection, you’re bound to benefit from trying them out with these exclusive offers.

Check out the Marketer’s Toolkit here to learn more and get started today.


  1. Melissa Danielle

    1/29/2015 2:24 pm

    I’ve been using Hootsuite for several years now, but lately, Edgar is starting to look more robust when it comes to managing and sharing content.

    LeadPages is the preferred landing page site for my colleagues who use free webinars to draw in prospects.

  2. Hunter Boyle

    1/31/2015 4:58 pm

    Thanks for the feedback, Melissa! Edgar does look interesting, especially with the recycling features. We think LeadPages also does a great job and have many clients who agree with you there. It was fun to finally catch up with you at the #ZombieLoyalists gig. Enjoy your weekend and let’s do it again soon!

    Cheers — Hunter

  3. Simon Dewey Photography

    1/31/2015 3:55 pm

    Thanks for this – a great list of resources for anyone trying to market a business. I’m off to check out PPC university.

  4. Hunter Boyle

    1/31/2015 5:01 pm

    Thanks very much, Simon. WordStream does a fine job with their learning resources, and Larry Kim is all over the blogosphere these days dropping knowledge bombs. Keep us posted. We’re here to help!

    Cheers — Hunter