[Podcast] Episode 014: How many emails should I send?

Nurturing a relationship through email marketing is a lot like forming relationships in real life. Am I saying too much or too little? Am I saying the right things? It’s been two days; should I text now or wait? Okay, text sent. Oh no, I can’t believe I did that! Am I texting too much???

The struggle is real.

The age-old question of how many emails are too many emails, and what’s the appropriate frequency to send is relevant to marketers in any niche.

In this latest episode of the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast, I’m joined by Content Marketing Specialist, Monica Montesa. We break down the various reasons for and against different send frequencies. If you are struggling with identifying the perfect sending cadence, this is the episode for you.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The magic number of how many emails you should send
  • The pros and cons of sending more frequently
  • The pros and cons of sending less frequently
  • The importance of setting expectations
  • How to use data and surveys to decide

You don’t want to miss this.

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Listen below:

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  1. reddy

    3/23/2016 5:26 am

    Hello very useful tips for email marketers .

  2. Tom Tate

    3/23/2016 1:50 pm

    Hi Reddy,

    So glad you enjoyed this episode. Thanks for listening!



    3/28/2016 2:18 am

    Hola Tom,me pregunto cuantos mensajes hay que enviar, no se que habran hecho, los personajes que presentan como modelos, y digo los mensajes que yo monte dos, no es para que me conteste alguien, de como van, esos mensajes y si es necesario insistir, mas que lo estoy haciendo, o es que no he pagado todavia, y claro no funciona

  4. Tom Tate

    4/5/2016 11:51 am

    Hola Jesus,

    Lo siento. No hablo español. Esta respuesta es de Google Translate. ¿Estás preguntando si debe ser más insistente con preguntas? Yo no estaría tan insistente. Me gustaría dejar la puerta abierta, y pedirle su opinión. Yo no sería demasiado agresivo. Tal vez se puede reformular sus preguntas.

    Espero que esta traducción es clara. Gracias, Jesus.