How to Market Your Business With Pinterest

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Pinterest is a hot new network that’s rapidly gaining popularity. And a number of brands and businesses have already found a comfortable marketing niche there.

But why get involved with another social network when you’re already on sites like Facebook and Twitter? One word: Exposure. Images shared on Pinterest take on a viral nature as they get repinned to other people’s bulletin boards. If you pin your products on Pinterest, you’ll get more life out of those shares as people discover and repin them to their own boards.

But Pinterest is more than just another channel for promoting your products. The free guide covers more strategies for sharing beyond just pictures of your products.

Pinterest For Your Business

The Pinterest marketing guide covers creative strategies for reaching customers, including:

  • 3 ways your business can share content
  • Tips on the kind of content that spreads virally on Pinterest
  • A look at the pros and cons of joining a new network
  • Examples of real businesses using Pinterest
  • A bonus YouTube video showing real Pinterest marketing in action
  • and more.

Find out if Pinterest is right for your business by downloading the free guide below!

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