17 Best affiliate marketing tools to earn more commissions

Gain a competitive advantage and kick-start your affiliate marketing strategy with the latest, most advanced tools to improve your efficiency and save you (loads of) time.

If you sell affiliate products or services, you probably know the “overwhelm” feeling that happens when you realize there’s a lot of work (and sometimes money) involved in marketing.

The right affiliate tools can save time and money by helping you manage campaigns, write content, track ads, and find the perfect brand partners.

No more overwhelm.

In this guide, we review 17 of the best high-performing tools for affiliate marketers.

We’ve also included 3 bonus sections:

  1. A list of the best affiliate marketing tools for beginners
  2. A list of free affiliate marketing tools
  3. A list of the best courses for affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing tools for all experience levels and budgets

What is affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, you earn passive income by promoting the products and services of companies you partner with.

Imagine you own a lemonade stand. 

It’s a hot summer day and you spend half of it flagging down cars in hopes they’ll buy a $1 cup of your special recipe.

Just as a line begins to form, you run out of lemonade.

You hang a “Back soon” sign on your stand and rush to the grocery store for more ingredients. 

Then back home to mix up a giant batch of the messy liquid, only to realize your hard-won line of thirsty customers has vanished.

There’s got to be a better way.

Monday comes and you try to negotiate a deal with your next-door neighbor. 

She’ll make lemonade – as much as you need – and you’ll sell her drinks instead of making your own from scratch. 

It was a good deal, but…

Setting up the stand, pouring the drinks, providing paper cups, and cleaning up afterward would still be a lot of work.

Why should you be doing all those other things when your superpower is getting customers?

Eventually, you both agree that she will also  sell the drinks from her own lemonade stand, without your help.

All you have to do is bring her customers, and you will earn 40 cents for every $1 in business you send her way.

This is affiliate marketing.

You form partnerships with online companies and agree to promote their products or services. 

They take on the hard work of creating the product and conducting sales transactions. 

All you need to do is go sell that lemonade.

How much commission do affiliate marketers earn?

Commission payments differ (a lot) from one partner to the next.

  • Most pay a percent-based commission. This may be as low as 1% or as high as 50% of the sale price.
  • Some pay a flat rate (fixed) commission.
  • Others pay a combination of percent and fixed commissions.

The size of your commissions depends on factors like: 

  • Your arrangement with the merchant
  • The type of affiliate program you join
  • The brand and product
  • The volume of business you send their way

How much money do affiliate marketers earn?

Here’s how much marketers earn from affiliate sales, according to a survey survey by Influencer Marketing Hub:

  • 3.78% earn more than $150k per year.
  • 7.94% earn $100k – $150K per year.
  • 5.15% earn $50k – $100k per year.
  • The majority (57.55%) earn less than $10k per  year.

How much should you expect to earn from affiliate marketing? 

The same survey indicates that experienced marketers earn more:

  • Beginner marketers: $0 – $1,000 per month
  • Intermediate marketers: $1000 to $10,000 per month
  • Advanced marketers: $10k – $100K per month
  • Elite affiliates: $100k and up per month

At first, you may earn very little with affiliate marketing. But as you learn more about digital marketing (and your audience), your income begins to rise.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Earning income through affiliate sales is a 5-step process.

  1. Choose your affiliate program(s) and products from networks or direct partnerships.
  1. Receive your coded affiliate product links, which track your referrals and sales.
  1. Promote your affiliate products or services on one or more of the following: website, blogs, social media, email marketing, and paid ads.
  1. Visitors click on your links and are directed to the merchant’s website. Every time one of your visitors makes a purchase (within the defined cookie 🍪 period), you earn a commission.
  1. You get paid. Merchants or affiliate networks handle all the calculations and pay you according to the terms of your agreement.

    Sometimes there is a minimum account balance or waiting period required before your payment is issued.

In time, commissions can turn into lucrative income streams that require very little effort to maintain.

What are affiliate marketing tools?

Affiliate marketing tools are apps, software programs, and platforms that help you become more successful, more quickly, with affiliate marketing.

17 best affiliate marketing tools for all levels of experience

Affiliate marketing networks
Keyword research tools
Content creation tools
Landing page builder tools
Social media management tools
Email marketing & automation tools
Campaign builder tools
Ad tracking tools

Affiliate marketing networks

#1 – Shareasale: Affiliate marketing platform

ShareASale affiliate marketing platform

ShareASale affiliate marketing platform connects you with more than 30,000 brands across all sectors and countless niches. 

It’s a marketplace where affiliates go to find products and services to sell. The network also tracks sales and helps you manage commissions. 

ShareASale supports large and small publishers, including:

  • Content creators
  • Influencers
  • Loyalty and incentive sites
  • Media Partners
  • Technology solutions

The service has a good reputation and offers excellent support resources that make it easy for you to partner with established brands. 

Its user-friendly interface and reliable payment tracking make it a good choice for beginner and advanced marketers.

ShareASale Pricing: Free to join as an affiliate

#2 – Amazon Associates: Affiliate marketing program

Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. It gives you access to millions of products with recognizable brand names and is an easy, accessible program, even for beginners. 

The affiliate program provides unique links, banners, and widgets that make it simple to promote Amazon products. 

Amazon associates also gain access to basic reporting tools that track clicks and commissions.

Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission and in some cases, also collect earnings from customer actions such as free trials. 

The Amazon Associates affiliate program is open to bloggers, content creators, and publishers who have a qualifying website. 

Amazon Associates pricing: Free to join as an affiliate

Keyword research tools for affiliate marketers

Keyword research tools help you create blog and social media content that drives more traffic from search engine results pages (SERPS).

#3 – Google Keyword Planner: Keyword research tool

Google Keyword Planner tool

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool aimed at people who run paid search campaigns.  

However, it’s also a valuable resource for affiliate marketers looking for basic insights on keyword search volume, trends, and related keywords

The tool’s easy accessibility and direct connection to Google search data make it attractive to people wanting to do keyword research without paying large fees.

Some of Google Keyword Planner’s best features include:

  • Keyword discovery
  • Search volume data and trends
  • Historical data and forecasting

Google Keyword Planner is a good option if you’re searching for a free keyword research tool that provides basic insights for choosing the best keywords for your content and audience.

Google Keyword Planner Pricing: Free

#4 – Semrush: Keyword research tool

Semrush keyword research tool

Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing tool that helps you optimize your online presence for search engines, social media platforms, and paid advertising channels.

The comprehensive (and sometimes complex) program includes a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, keyword research tool. 

Semrush provides all the information you need for successful SEO keyword research, including: 

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty by score
  • Search intent match
  • Competitive research
  • Keyword gaps
  • Keyword ideas

Beyond keyword research, Semrush offers a wide selection of optimization tools, including competitive analysis, local SEO, and rank tracking.

If you’re looking for a powerful tool that supports both content creation and paid search campaigns, SEMrush may be a good choice.

Semrush pricing: Free one-month trial; paid plans from $129/month

#5 Backlinko keyword tool: Keyword research tool

Backlinko free keyword tool

Backlinko Keyword Research Tool is designed with a refreshing focus on simplicity and actionable keyword data.

It’s a perfect keyword research tool for affiliate marketers wanting a streamlined experience that doesn’t overwhelm you with complex metrics or complicated navigation.

Backlinko’s keyword research tool includes metrics such as:

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Cost per click
  • Number of results
  • Search trend graph

If you visit Backlinko, don’t miss the chance to browse its blog. It’s packed with well-written, easy-to-understand optimization tips from SEO powerhouse Brian Dean. 

While it might lack some advanced features, Backlinko’s streamlined approach is ideal for beginners or those who value speed and actionable insights.

Backlinko keyword research tool pricing: Free

Content creation tools for affiliate marketers

Content creation tools help you create and publish blog, social media, and email marketing content.

#6 – Grammarly: Content creation tool

Grammarly writing tool

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing tool that helps improve the quality of your writing.

The free version of Grammarly is a popular grammar-checker tool that catches spelling and grammar mistakes. It highlights any errors in your content and suggests how to fix them.

If you write a lot of blog and email content, the paid version of Grammarly is gold. 

Grammarly’s paid version includes an in-depth plagiarism checker, which is far more thorough than similar tools such as Copyscape.

The premium version also provides feedback and recommendations on:

  • Clarity
  • Engagement
  • Delivery
  • Style
  • Tone detection

You can use Grammarly on the web, within its app, or by integrating it into your web browsers and writing programs.

Grammarly pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans from $12/month

#7 – Hemingway: Content Creation Tool

Hemingway readability tool

Hemingway helps make your content more “readable” for online publishing.

College textbooks are written with perfect spelling and grammar. But your online audience doesn’t want to read college textbooks. They’re drawn to writing that’s clear, skimmable, and easy to read. 

That’s where Hemingways readability tool comes in.

Hemingway guides you toward more effective writing without replacing your creative voice. 

Affiliate marketers can use Hemingway to ensure that their content is reader-friendly in ways that both audiences and Google search engines appreciate. 

Hemingway pricing: Free

Landing page builder tool for affiliate marketers

A landing page builder tool helps affiliate marketers create high-converting campaigns and lead generation content.

# 8 – AWeber: Landing page builder tool 

AWeber landing page tool

AWeber is a great tool for busy affiliate marketers because it provides a simple, user-friendly way to create professional landing pages in minutes. Its drag-and-drop interface and wide selection of prebuilt landing page templates ensure that even beginners can market their affiliate products with style.

AWeber landing pages integrate seamlessly with your email marketing campaigns.

AWeber’s landing page features include:

  • Over 100 landing page templates
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Already integrated with AWeber’s email marketing tool
  • Advanced marketing automation features
  • Built-in Canva designer (lets you create eye-catching designs!).
  • Landing page and email analytics

AWeber landing page builder is a great choice for affiliate marketers seeking a simple path to professional results. 

AWeber pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans from $12.50/month

Social media management tools for affiliate marketers

Social media management tools help you create, preview, publish, and track the performance of your social media content.

#9 – Buffer: social media management platform

Buffer social media management platform

Buffer is a user-friendly social media management platform that helps affiliate marketers streamline social media content scheduling across multiple platforms. 

It’s a great option if you’re wanting to maintain a consistent social media presence without spending hours of every day on social media.

Here’s how Buffer can simplify your social media efforts:

  • Customize posts for different social platforms.
  • Automatically publish pre-scheduled posts.
  • Track engagement metrics and identify top-performing content.

Buffer also includes a visual content calendar tool to help keep your content organized and on schedule.

Buffer pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans from $6/month

Email marketing and automation tools for affiliate marketers

Email marketing and automation tools let you build and execute personalized email marketing campaigns.

#10 – AWeber: Email marketing & automation platform

AWeber email marketing and automation platform

AWeber is a great tool for affiliate marketers who want a user-friendly email marketing platform that:

  • Allows you to include affiliate links in your marketing emails.
  • Easily highlight the product you’re recommending by simply pasting a link in your email.
  • Includes a built-in AI writing assistant.
  • Lets you easily create personalized campaigns with behavioral segmentation.
  • Allows you to create custom signup forms.
  • Provides advanced automation features (put it all on autopilot!).
  • Offers pre-written email campaign templates.

AWeber’s automated behavioral segmentation makes personalization simple. It can automatically track clicks and engagement in your emails, on your landing pages, and on your website — then use that data to send personalized messages and campaigns to your subscribers.

If you’re looking for an email marketing platform that provides you with the latest automation features, AI writing tools, and marketing personalization features, AWeber is a great choice.

AWeber pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans from $12.50/month

Campaign builder tools for affiliate marketers

Campaign builder tools for affiliate marketers help you design, execute, and track the performance of your promotional campaigns across various channels.

#11 – ClickFunnels: Campaign Builder Tool (Advanced)

ClickFunnels campaign builder

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel platform that focuses on high-converting landing pages. 

While a powerful tool for creating sales funnels, it’s geared toward advanced marketers who don’t mind the higher pricing and semi-steep learning curve.

ClickFunnels makes a good option for marketers looking for a high degree of control over the entire customer journey and are comfortable with its comprehensive feature set.

Here’s what ClickFunnels offers:

  • Funnel builder: Allows you to design multi-step funnels.
  • Pre-designed templates: Includes landing pages, sales pages, and webinar funnels.
  • A/B testing: Allows you to compare page variations and optimize conversions.
  • Email marketing integrations: Lets you easily connect with email providers for lead nurturing.
  • Membership sites: Provides the option to create restricted content areas.

Its wide range of features makes the learning curve steeper. But if you’re looking for a program that can help you build membership areas and complex affiliate campaigns, it’s a great option.

ClickFunnels pricing: From $127/month. 14-day free trial available.

#12- AdRoll: Campaign builder tool

AdRoll campaign builder

AdRoll is an advertising platform that provides affiliate marketers with helpful tools to manage their ad campaigns.

It’s a good fit for experienced affiliate marketers looking for advanced audience segmentation, cross-platform retargeting, and in-depth reporting.

AdRoll’s affiliate marketing features include:

  • Cross-platform campaigns
  • Dynamic ads
  • A/B testing

The ad campaign tool integrates with major e-commerce platforms and other marketing tools. If you have an established affiliate website or online store, the integrations are an important feature.

If you’re wanting to take your affiliate campaigns to the next level, AdRoll is worth considering.  However, while it’s a powerful campaign management tool, AdRoll also has a steeper learning curve than many of its competitors.

AdRoll pricing: Pay-as-you-go pricing for ads. More plans available.

If you’re looking for a more streamlined and beginner-friendly approach to campaign building, AWeber email marketing and landing page tools make an excellent all-in-one campaign management tool.

Ad tracking tools for affiliate marketers

Ad tracking tools provide in-depth monitoring of your ad performance across many different channels

#13 – Google Analytics: Ad tracking tool

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a comprehensive website analytics platform that provides in-depth metrics and insights for affiliate marketers. 

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking for a tool that provides an in-depth understanding of your traffic sources and campaign performances, check out Google Analytics. It’s a great tool for helping you make more data-driven optimization decisions.

Google Analytics pricing: Free version available. Contact for paid pricing plans.

#14 – Voluum Affiliate Tracker: Ad tracking tool

Voluum Affiliate Tracker

Voluum affiliate ad tracker is a comprehensive ad tracking platform for experienced affiliate marketers and people who manage large-scale paid campaigns. 

It offers in-depth analytics, granular tracking across various platforms, and advanced features for optimizing ad performance.

Voluum ad tracking features include:

  • Detailed reporting: Provides extensive data on clicks, conversions, costs, and ROI.
  • Traffic distribution: Allows you to split-test landing pages and direct traffic for optimization.
  • Anti-fraud tools: Helps identify and block bot traffic.
  • Integrations: Connects with major ad networks and traffic sources.
  • API access: Offers flexibility for custom integrations.

If you’re looking for a tool that provides sophisticated tracking, robust reporting, and a high degree of control over your campaigns, Voluum is an excellent option.

Voluum pricing: From $199/month

Bitly: Ad Tracking Tool 

Bitly offers a beginner-level ad tracking tool for people who aren’t ready to take on comprehensive analytics tracking.

The company is mostly known for its link-shortening tool, but it also provides simple ad tracking features. 

Bitly is a great beginner alternative to comprehensive ad-tracking tools that come with a steep learning curve. 

Its simple approach doesn’t provide in-depth analytics. But the tool is very user-friendly and easy to learn.  

Here’s what Bitly offers:

  • Link shortening: Creates short, branded links for easy sharing.
  • Click tracking: Provides basic data on clicks and traffic sources.
  • Simple dashboard: Includes an easy-to-understand overview of link performance.
  • Integrations: Connects with some popular social media platforms.

Bitly pricing: Free

6 Best affiliate marketing tools for beginners

Looking for affiliate marketing tools that allow you to learn as you go? 

Here’s a list of beginner-friendly affiliate marketing tools that don’t have a steep learning curve. 

  1. Best affiliate network for beginners: Amazon Associates
  1. Best keyword research tool for beginners: Backlinko keyword research tool
  1. Best content creation tool for beginners: Grammarly
  1. Best email marketing and landing page tool for beginners: AWeber
  1. Best social media management tool for beginners: Buffer
  1. Best ad tracking tool for beginners: Bitly

Scroll up to the review section of this guide for more information on any of the beginner-friendly affiliate marketing tools above. 

6 Best free affiliate marketing tools

Not up for shelling out $$$ on yet another paid subscription service? We’ve got you covered. 

Below is a list of FREE affiliate marketing tools to help you get started building a successful affiliate business. 

Best FREE affiliate marketing tools for beginners

  1. Free ad tracking tool: Bitly 
  1. Free affiliate network: ShareASale
  1. Free landing page tool: AWeber
  1. Free content creation tool: Grammarly free version
  1. Free email marketing tools: AWeber free version
  1. Free keyword research tool: Backlinko keyword research tool
  1. Free social media management tools: Buffer free version

Scroll up to the review section of this guide for more information on any of the free affiliate marketing tools above. 

7 marketing courses & classes for affiliate marketers

Want to make more informed decisions, develop stronger campaigns, and grow your affiliate business more quickly?

Fill in your knowledge gaps with one or more of the following courses related to affiliate marketing.  

You don’t need to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars to get high-quality training. Some of the best courses are free or very affordable.

  1. Free Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners: by ahrefs on YouTube YouTube series.
  1. Free PPC (pay-per-click) certification course: by Semrush on Semrush Academy. 100% free training, testing, and certification. 
Semrush Academy digital marketing courses

  1. Beginner Affiliate Marketing to Start in 1 Day by Alex Genadinik on Udemy (usually less than $20 – watch for sales and promo codes).
Udemy course by Alex Genadinik

  1. Free Google Marketing Platform course: by Google on Google Skillshop. 100% free. Skillshop also offers a variety of training modules on Google ads, analytics, marketing, and more.
Google Skillshop free courses

  1. Free Meta Blueprint: Beginner-level training to help you improve your marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.
  1. Meta Social Media Marketing certificate course: by Meta through Coursera Plus (from $59/month after a 7-day free trial).
  1. Concepts, Strategies, and Analytics in Performance Marketing and Digital Advertising Specialization: By the University of Colorado Boulder on Coursera (from $59/month after a 7-day free trial).

Everything you need for affiliate marketing success

We’ve covered quite a bit of ground in this guide, including the best tools, free tools, beginner tools, and reputable courses for affiliate marketers.

When you’re ready to start selling affiliate products drop by AWeber. We’ll  help you get up and running in minutes, not days

You’ll love our seamless integrations, advanced automations, AI assistance, and  library of prebuilt templates.

Ready to begin earning money with affiliate marketing? Sign up for AWeber and start selling today!

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