How to Write Landing Pages That Convert

Quickly grow your email list! Download this guide to learn everything you need to know to create persuasive landing pages that get your audience to click and subscribe.

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Write landing pages like a professional copywriter.

Inside this guide, you’ll get conversion copywriting strategies and tools 
used by the pros, like:

  • 7 fill-in-the-blank copy templates to write attention-grabbing headlines in seconds
  • A simple formula to quickly write interesting landing page copy every single time
  • The one rule you need to follow to create a high-converting landing page
  • What copy experts include on their landing pages
  • 2 ways to optimize your call-to-action button copy to increase conversions

Never created a landing page before? No problem.

Get step-by-step guidance and simple tools so you never feel confused. You’ll learn:

1. Why you need a landing page if you’re serious about growing your business.
2. When to use a landing page instead of your website.
3. The best ways to get traffic to your landing page.
4. The most important types of landing pages.
5. How to build a landing page that looks nice.
4. The right words to include on your landing page.
5. How to use an A-to-Z checklist — free inside the guide — that will show you what content and design elements to include on every landing page.

This guide will help you …

1. Quickly Grow your email list.

Build an email list filled with people who want to hear and buy from you!

2. Convince your audience to subscribe, buy, or click.

Not getting amazing results with your current landing pages? Learn proven, psychological tactics to improve the conversion rates of any landing page.

3. Get more people to see your landing page.

Inside this guide, you learn how to get more traffic to your landing page — even if you don’t have a massive budget.

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