Split Testing Your Web Forms

Download Web Form Split Tests: 7 Ways to Get More Subscribers

Putting a web form on your site can be a very effective way to get subscribers. After all, people on your site are already interested in you.

But you know this – you’ve got a form up already. Your question is,

Can a Different Web Form Get You More Subscribers?

It’s all in the presentation, as they say.

You need a design that draws eyeballs and a description that draws permission.

As for which design and what description those might be, you find out by split testing – displaying different forms to see which gets more subscriptions.

But can a different color form really make a difference? Will a “let’s get started” button really get more results than “sign me up?”

You can’t afford to waste time niggling over tiny details unless they’re going to get you real results. You need to know what’s worth testing and why.

We get that. So we put together this guide for you.


It’s Got All Your Answers, Including:

  • 7 different tests you can run on your web form
  • The reasons each change could increase your opt-ins
  • Screen shots of 7 split tests other marketers have run
  • The results of each test – find out which forms won
  • The difference between A-B and multivariate tests
  • Advice on deciding which to use

If You’ve Never Run a Split Test Before, Don’t Worry!

Included in this guide you will also get:

  • A basic introduction to the split testing process
  • A complete walk-through of the steps you’ll be taking in AWeber
  • Screen shots of every step so you can follow along easily

Plus a bonus page – 3 little things many people miss that can mean the difference between arbitrary data and real results.

The guide is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose (and plenty of subscribers to gain). Download it, follow it, share it and let us know what kind of results you get!

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