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As a winery owner, your plate (or glass) is pretty full. You have a vineyard to tend, wines to bottle and a tasting room to maintain.

On top of all that, you need to actually promote your winery, and that can take your glass from full to overflowing. So any ad campaign you run had better be worth the time and effort.

Email Marketing Is Worth It

Here’s why.

Email happens online. Your ad isn’t on a billboard or in a magazine, where people have to remember to look you up later. It’s in the inbox, just a click or two away from your web site. Your subscribers can set up a visit or order a shipment in a matter of seconds.

Email also lets you focus your dollars in the most efficient places. Why pay to market to people who don’t drink wine? Email’s opt-in nature means you only advertise to people who are already interested (and therefore, most likely to respond).

And once people have opted in, you can keep up an email conversation endlessly. Once you have someone’s permission, you have endless chances to engage them. And an engaged subscriber often becomes a customer.

Finally, email is a conversational medium. When people see your ad and wonder, “But would they mind if I brought my dog?” or “Could 12 of us show up without a reservation?” they can just hit “reply” and ask!

Emails provide potential customers with the information they’re looking for. It can invite your current customers back to visit and buy that favorite bottle again. When your winery may otherwise slip out of mind, email can bring it back.

How Your Winery Can Use Email Marketing

In this free report, you’ll learn:

  • The online form that can attract subscribers to your marketing emails
  • 7 ways to get people to that form
  • 5 ways to ask people to sign up for your emails in person
  • Real-life examples from wineries who are already marketing with email
  • A proven method for a sparkling marketing reputation
  • 10 suggestions for content to put in your emails
  • A guide to four common email formats, with examples of how wineries use each one

With these strategies, you can send marketing emails that take your winery from a one-time tasting to your subscribers’ house special.

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