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Let’s face it: No one likes going to the dentist unless they have to. Your patients likely have selective memories when it comes to scheduling their six-month checkups.

Building trust with your patients is a big part of bringing them back to your practice for preventative care and other oral health needs. To get your patients in the chair for regular care and cleanings, you need to remind them that their smiles are important. Showing up in their inbox with a specially crafted email marketing message is a simple and effective way to achieve that.

Email marketing lets you target patients with specific information related to their interests. And putting yourself in their inbox on a regular basis might just remind them that it’s time to schedule their next cleaning.

Email Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Practice

This free guide will show you:

  • How email can build trust and rapport with your patients
  • Online and offline methods for building your list
  • What kind of emails to send to coax patients into your chair
  • Examples from other dental practices who use email marketing
  • Ways to target patients based on their oral health interests and concerns
  • Ideas for keeping your patients interested in your content

These strategies will help your patients get to know and trust you. And trust builds loyalty, which means repeat visits to your office. So get your free guide today!

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