Quick Ideas for Emails You Can Send Today

Staying in touch with your subscribers is one of the most important parts of email marketing. Without a regular cadence, you run the risk of having unengaged subscribers – and people may forget who you are entirely!

But sometimes writer’s block happens and you struggle to come up with fresh content to send your readers.

That’s why we’ve come up with this handy email cheat sheet, filled with ideas for quick emails you can send today:

1. News and Feature Announcements – For a growing business, there’s always news to share. Have you launched a new feature? Started stocking a new product? Let your readers know!

email ideas

2. Weekly Newsletter – A regularly scheduled digest ensures that your readers don’t miss a beat.

3. Specials – Are you running a special promotion or sale of your products or services? Email is a great way to make it known. You should always update your readers when you’re offering a discount. Everyone loves a deal.

email sale

4. Follow Ups – We love a good follow up. Sending a timely message to those who signed up for your list, bought a product, or attended an event can be what converts them into loyal customers.

easy emails to send

5. Seasonal Discounts – With the seasons’ change, consumers have their eye out for one thing: discounts. Celebrate by offering exclusive promotions or discounts for those that signed up for your list.

6. Invitations – Does your business host frequent events? Invite your readers to join in on the fun by sending them a personalized invitation with a link to register.

7. Holidays– The holidays are always a great time to send a note to your email audience. While the major holidays are obvious, celebrating lesser-known holidays is a creative way to create some buzz (National French Fry Day, anyone?).

holiday emails

8. Current Events – Jumping aboard a trending topic is a great way to capture your readers’ attention in the inbox. For example, if you’re a nutritionist, you could weigh in on the benefits of the latest diet du jour.

9. Surveys – Nothing says you appreciate your readers more than inviting their feedback. The occasional check-in lets you hear straight from your audience what they want to see more (and less) of

survey emails

10. Social Media – Email isn’t the only way to connect with your subscribers. Invite them to like your social pages for by-the-minute news and announcements.

11. Sneak Peeks – Launching a new product or feature? Let your email audience be the first to know by giving them a behind-the-scenes look at things to come.

sneak peek emails

12. Re-engagement – Have a subset of subscribers that aren’t opening your emails? Consider sending a personalized message to encourage them to visit your website or blog and see what they’ve missed. Here are some tips to re-engage your subscribers.

13. Thank You Notes – Show your audience how much you appreciate their time by sending them a thank you email (adding a coupon or promo code doesn’t hurt, either).

14. Videos – Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience. Here’s how to create engaging video content that converts prospects into customers.

These are just some of the ways you can connect with your audience through email. Do you have any more suggestions for content you can send? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Alireza Farrokhi

    5/14/2015 3:23 am

    Dear Olivia,

    Thanks for your post.

    Herewith,I have attached my website address to
    my letter subject.

    Please keep in touch with me and forward me your update news pertinent to Aweber.



  2. Tony

    5/14/2015 3:33 pm

    Hi Olivia
    This is great information. Thanks for sharing it. Now there’s no excuse for us not knowing what to communicate to people whose attention we have.
    What I like about these particular tips is that you say just what needs to be said and nothing more using natural words (non-stilted if you get my drift) that make writing them seem effortless.
    I particularly like number 9 because it provides an incentive for readers to act rather than just expecting them to act simply “out of the kindness of their hearts.” This makes it seem like a fair exchange.

    Well done


  3. Swapan Chandra Sutradhar

    5/15/2015 2:15 am

    Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for your creative tips might help with my email marketing plan.
    Now i’m subscriber to find the content of every next post. I like your subscriber re-engagement tips with the link you provided. It is really challenging to get the emails opened by recipients in terms of personalized addressing. Because, in case of the big volume of emails, it is difficult.

  4. Juliana

    5/17/2015 2:13 pm

    Hi Olivia , really makes all the difference , I Particularly put in practice always , I analyze a Good Time and rhythm To send my email . Congratulations hair content , the show That with ISO ‘ll Beyond belief.

  5. John_Ohau

    5/18/2015 4:05 am

    Nice post! I’ll practice it! Now I know when and how to sent my emails. After analyze of course.

  6. Isaiah Jackson

    5/21/2015 1:45 pm

    I really enjoy doing surveys and videos.

    I get the best engagement when I decide to send out a random survey to my list and follow up with a video talking about the results of the video and helping the get closer to their end goal.

    Talk soon,
    Isaiah Jackson

  7. Rahul Biswal

    5/24/2015 5:35 am

    Hi Olivia,

    Nice list of points on ideas for sending emails. Surely I am going to apply these tips in my affiliate campaign.


  8. Mark

    5/26/2015 1:28 pm

    Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for your insights on email marketing, truly appreciate the helpful tips you have on the subject. Really looking forward to your future posts 🙂

    I went ahead and curated what I thought were the best pieces of advice you have from your post and added my own takeaways on the subject: