Upcoming Site or Product Launch? Start Marketing Now With Launch Effect

If you want to drum up interest in your new

If you want to drum up interest in your new product or site, but don’t have the site viewer-ready yet, you need Launch Effect. It’s a WordPress theme that allows website visitors to sign up to receive updates, and also provides a unique URL for the subscriber to use to share with friends. Referrals are tracked in your Launch Effect account.

Recently, they’ve created an app for AWeber that allows you to integrate your Launch Effect account with your AWeber account. This app adds Launch Effect subscribers plus referral information to your list.

Why Should I Use This with AWeber?

If you’re already using Launch Effect, this app allows you to easily stay in touch with people interested in your product(s). You can use your AWeber account to send countdown emails out, perhaps offering sneak peeks and other information about the upcoming release. Even after the initial product launch, you’ll want to maintain communication with subscribers, informing them of sales and new happenings with your company.

Since you’re also able to track how many people subscribers refer, you can set up a rewards program for those that refer a certain number of subscribers. For example, you can send a coupon to subscribers who referred at least five others.

How Do I Get Set Up?

First, you’ll need to download the app. Then just follow Launch Effect’s instructions:

  1. Under the “Integrations” tab, click on the “Authorize Launch Effect” link for AWeber to get the authorization code.
  2. Enter in the code in the next field.
  3. Select the subscriber list you’d like your subscribers added to.

Once added, you’ll be able to view Launch Effect additions and data on the Subscribers Search page in your AWeber account. The subscribers will be able to receive your broadcast and follow up messages after they confirm they’d like to be on your mailing list.

Read Launch Effect’s announcement of the app here.


  1. Skip Savage

    4/27/2012 11:33 am

    I can certainly see the demand for this plug-in. Unfortunately, this is only today’s version of those annoying “Under Construction” pages that were everywhere in the late 1990s.

    I’ve noticed a trend, or should I call it a pretence, that early birds must have an “invitation”. Oh, how exclusive! It’s not spam, it’s an invitation.

    Prediction: this trend will end. People will realize there’s really nothing in it for them to sign up before a site is launched.

    Besides, most launches I’ve seen are only me-too offerings amid an abundance of rather similar ideas competing for the same very scarce attention span.

    Sorry to harsh your mellow, but you need to know this going in so you don’t waste your time and annoy your network.


    4/28/2012 8:56 am

    I tend to agree with Skip. Cut through the pretence of crap and get to the point. I don’t have time waste signing up and firnedning my list to a whole list of pre-release videos which are nothing more than hype.
    Seriously, do this video introudction series and you lose me, and no doubt every other serious online “business” person, cos the rest are just players and suckers.
    You will want to sell your product evetually an open it up to the general market, and when sales drop off, so does the price. Event the ‘top” so called gurus repackage ‘overordered’ brown paper bag versions of $2000 programs for $1500 suckers for one purpose. They need the money! And will say and do anything to get it out of your pocket.
    So play that game at your own peril. Why not be honest and jus tell wha the offer is, why its good, who it suits and how mcuh it is. And then provide good back up.
    Any associated software lives by the same sword! Careful who you walk with!

  3. Justin Premick

    4/30/2012 2:06 pm

    Hi Skip & “AXXN,”

    Thanks for your input!

    I agree that some have used tools like this to attempt to build an email list without offering something of value. However, I disagree that the tool is in and of itself not useful.

    As with any of the myriad tools available to the modern email marketer, your own success or failure will depend on your usage. The same arguments you’ve made here have been made against lightbox forms, for example, yet we regularly see stories detailing how the responsible use of such forms leads to significant acceleration in marketers’ list growth without sacrificing subscriber quality.

    When determining whether a tactic is worth adding to your overall email marketing strategy, you may find it helpful to evaluate how you could use that tactic, and perhaps even test it, before discarding it based on how you’ve seen someone else use it.

  4. Marc

    5/2/2012 5:17 am

    I’d respectfully disagree with Skip Savage and AXXN MAN. I have been on many lists in the past and witnessed product launches which used videos less-than-effectively. On the other hand, I am on a list right now which is using teaser videos to debut a product which I will probably buy once it becomes available. It all depends on the marketer, their list, the relationship they’ve established with that list (or have leveraged through others’ referrals), and the interests and desires of the potential customers.