Halloween Email Templates Are Here


Thanks to Julie Jarrett, part of AWeber’s incredible design team, Halloween templates are in your account and ready for you to use. (Don’t have an AWeber account? Don’t worry – we’ve got a template for you to download at the bottom of the page!)

Julie’s been creating beautiful email templates for us since May, and she’s excited for her first opportunity to showcase some Halloween-themed designs. When creating email templates, Julie says that she’s always looking for different, creative takes on familiar images and gets inspiration from a variety of sources – keep reading for one that just might surprise you!

Frank preview


When she thinks of this time of year, Julie says she always thinks of farms. She created this seasonal design with wooden barns and haunted hayrides in mind.

“I really wanted this template to be a little spooky but in a rustic sort of way. It reminds me of an old barn, with the spiderweb in the corner,” Julie says. “It would be perfect to use for any type of fall promotion or newsletter.”

Eddie preview


Julie found an image of a fall wedding invitation on Pinterest and knew right away she wanted to recreate the design as a Halloween template. She set out to keep the same warm and welcoming feel that she loved in the invitation, but with a Halloween twist.

“This template would make a great invitation for any sale you’re having or seasonal event you’re throwing,” she suggests.

Moon preview


Believe it or not, Julie cites NASA as the inspiration for this template.

“I follow NASA on Instagram and love the really cool photos they get,” she explains. “When creating this template, I definitely looked to those images for ideas.”

Julie says this “super spooky” template is for anyone who really wants to get into the Halloween spirit. You can use it whether you’re doing something special for the holiday or just want to send your subscribers a fun Halloween message.

Start Using These Templates

Got an AWeber account? All three templates are waiting now in the template gallery. Just log into your account, create your message and wish your customers a very happy Halloween!

Not an AWeber customer? We’re giving you the “Eddie” template for free! Just download it below and use it however you’d like.

Not Into Halloween?

You can easily remove the Halloween elements of any template, leaving you with a great background for fall product launches, newsletters or whatever you can dream up.

1. Choose your template, and click on the element you’d like to remove.

2. To delete the picture but keep the section, click the red “x”.

3. If you want to delete the entire section, just click the gray “x”.

We’d Love To Hear From You

Let us know how you’ll be using Julie’s Halloween templates. How do you see them fitting into your Halloween or fall marketing plans, and what kinds of messages will you create?


  1. John Gibb

    10/22/2013 10:44 am


    I’m not into Halloween but I see how to make use of these templates as I’m launching a done for you ‘money keywords’ service soon.


  2. Svetlana Sakhnyuk

    10/23/2013 6:15 am

    Yep, awesome templates. I suggest you should add spanish and french versions of such templates too. Thanks.

  3. Dare

    10/30/2013 7:48 am

    Hi Rachel,

    Over here in Nigeria, we don’t even know what is called ‘Halloween’. However my question is ‘ will there be a free Xmas email template come December?

    I will love it if there is one!!

  4. Randall Magwood

    11/3/2013 9:51 am

    Awesome Halloween templates. I just sent a broadcast to my list using one of them.

  5. Rachel Acquaviva

    11/4/2013 4:00 pm

    Hi Dare,

    We like to keep our gifts a surprise, so make sure you stop back to see if we are giving anything out this holiday season!

  6. Ivan Widjaya

    11/13/2013 10:26 pm

    I like the fact that they are customizable. This means that you can use them for more than just halloween. But then again, I prefer sticking to text emails as it allows my e-mails to be more versatile across different e-mail platforms.

  7. Loretta

    11/19/2013 11:00 am

    I love all the fun and creative new templates lately (and the old standard templates) but I’ve had some complaints from newsletter subscribers that the newsletter I send using the drag-and-drop templates don’t show up properly on their mobile and tablet devices.

  8. Rachel Acquaviva

    11/19/2013 11:27 am

    Hi Loretta,

    You may find this helpful – we have several blog posts (including this one) about how to optimize your email design for mobile devices. Check it out for tips and tricks we’ve found work well!

  9. Samantha

    11/22/2013 4:44 am

    oh, awesome templates.

  10. Lewandowski

    8/24/2014 6:47 am

    Hey Rachel,

    Thanks for wonderful templates !